Red This Ever

Red This Ever


Red This Ever is a Baltimore based synth-electro band. Compared to Depeche Mode and influenced by Joy Division, we have created a sound that is hard to describe. We believe that a good show comes from more than just music, and we prove it every time we hit the stage.


Red This Ever is a Baltimore based New Wave, Synth-Rocker band filled with shy anger and catchy hooks. If you enjoy listening to synthpop or rock, you'll love Red This Ever.

Their songs fluidly combine the sound of current electronic scene with intriguing melodies and infectious rhythms that harken back to the glorious days of the Post-Punk, New Wave revolution. Red This Ever have often been blamed for having songs that stick to you like glue, as well as not having enough room to dance.

Compared to the likes of Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, The Cars and The Cure and influenced by such artist as Wolfsheim, the Pixies and Joy Division, they have created a sound that is hard to label but far to easy to relate to. The crafting of uniquely dark and clever pop songs have made Red This Ever a band for fans of all ages, with the potential to appeal to all points across the underground music board, from their enticing synth-driven melodies to their goth rock energy, with just the occasional moments of grim emotion that would stir even the most hardened rivet-head.

Their energetic tongue-in-cheek performances have proven time and again that they are an act not to miss live. Sharing stage's with an eclectic variety of renowned artist such as And One, Iris, Das Ich, Attrition, The Start, Shinny Toy Guns, Freezepop and more, Red This Ever believes that a good show comes from more than just the music, and they prove this every time they play live.

Their Debut album Selfless is making waves across internet and college radio stations as well as a variety of alternative club scenes in the US. Described in one review as "a feel that conjures memories of some of the stronger acts of the '80s, but with a distinctly darker edge," Trubie Turner of Regen Magazine, Selfless continues to attract the broadest of audiences with its staunch appeal.

After returning from their 2009 US Selfless Tour, Red This Ever the band is now working on their next release entitled Never Listen (due out early 2010).


Selfless (Full-Length CD) due out 05.01.09
currently you can find Proliferation, Never Find My Way and Giveaway being played on college radio.
12 Tracks Mixed and Mastered by Drew Mazurek

Lying on the Bathroom (EP) 2008

Giveaway (EP) 2007

IRRESISTIBLE (Limited EP 2007)

Set List

We have two electronic set, as well as accoustic set. A typical set could include the following (depending on how long we have to play):

Never Find My Way
Apathy of Angels
3 Years
100 Miles Behind Me
Half Asleep
Fade Away

(we occassionaly will do a cover from The Cars, Wolfsheim, The Cure, U2 or Joy Division)

We have material that spans two albums. Our current release hits the stores MAY 01, 2009. (We are already working on our second album...and we are almost finished).