Red Tyger Church

Red Tyger Church


occult gospel punk


band started in 2002, signed to Alive Records and released first album in 2004, hit some hard times, got back up and came back in 2006, released 2nd album in 2007, now working on 3rd album. influences include rolling stones, dead moon, oasis, david bowie, bruce springsteen, spaceman 3, the who, blue cheer, radio birdman, the stooges, mc5. though we've had our ups and downs this family band has always had soul.


2003- her name is nibiru ep
2004 - free energy
2007 - magic
2008 - the earl king ep
2009 - 3rd album in progress

Set List

Summers Coming
American Crack
Pink Shoes
Dawn of the Phoenix
The Texas Beat