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"Red Veda heats up Midwest music scene"

Posted March 28, 2007

Red Veda heats up Midwest music scene

By Amelia Cook
For The Post-Crescent

Red Veda's jams are hot. Impossibly hot, in fact, for a band that hails from chilly Minneapolis. It could be the diverse lineup — none of the band members are originally from the Twin Cities, with several of them calling warmer places like San Diego and Trinidad home — or the sultry, expansive vocals of Marsia Guerra. Saturday night, Red Veda brings its jazzy, bluesy take on rock 'n' roll to The Reptile Palace in Oshkosh.

Red Veda, a self-proclaimed "hard-to-categorize" band, is most often compared to early Brand New Heavies, a comparison that's right on the money. For folks who want to hear some James Brown-style funk with a touch of Whitney Houston, Red Veda guarantees a musical experience you'll enjoy.

Formed by guitarist Anthony Arrigo two years ago, the members of Red Veda strive to blend improvisational style with funk, soul, Latin, and the blues. Their songs are likeable and unpredictable. One moment, Red Veda sounds so authentically jazzy the room seems to fill up with smoke and the soft clink of martini glasses. Then the smoke clears and you find yourself barefoot and swaying, for just a moment, to the summertime jams of The Allman Brothers.

"For the most part, we keep things funky and upbeat, we take you on a musical journey and each song is a different experience from the one before it," Arrigo said in a recent interview.

Arrigo credits Red Veda's unusual sound to the fact that this Midwestern band actually isn't very Midwestern in composition. That, or maybe, he admits, it's the cold winters.

"I don't think we have any Minneapolis/St. Paul natives – we're from all over the place ... so I think that helps to give us a pretty unique sound. I'm not really sure what being a 'Midwestern band' means, but we have gotten feedback from those in the know that ours doesn't sound like other music that's coming out of the Twin Cities. I take that as a great compliment because I've seen so many talented bands around the area. When I moved here, I was amazed at the amount of great music in one town (well, technically two towns). It must be the cold winters or something. Given a choice between ice-fishing or jamming with your friends, I guess a lot of people choose jamming, so they get really good because the winters are pretty long here."

With a new EP, "Perchance to Dream," just released last month, Red Veda is determined to keep steaming things up in the Midwest. Band members are staying busy playing shows, writing new stuff and promoting the new album, which offers seven tunes that represent this band's ability to slide gracefully between genres.

As for their live performances, Arrigo says, "This band has something special that we can't explain; it's just one of those ethereal things that happens when we get together and start playing — it's magic, and our goal is to have other people experience that with us."

Amelia Cook can be reached at - Appleton Post-Crescent

"Red Veda forms signature sound from punk, neo soul"

March 29, 2007

Red Veda forms signature sound from punk, neo soul

By Sarah Owen
Oshkosh Northwestern

Long story short: Talking by phone from home, band member Anthony Arrigo said the band's "story" was more or less a drawn-out soap opera. When he moved to the Twin Cities a couple years ago to finish a PhD, he heard a band talking about how they met online. Arrigo gave it a whirl and met musicians.

"Our very first lineup was me, a kid in my department playing keyboard, someone I met online and a friend of hers who played in a metal band," Arrigo said. Fast forward to a nightclub scene where soul-belter Marsia Guerra blew away the crowd — and the band's then-bass player. "We invited her to come out with us, and we liked the vibe."

Signature sound: Fans can't always put their finger on just what makes Red Veda's melodies so flavorful. Well, think neo soul mixed with punk elements, and you get the picture.

Live vibe: People just can't peel their eyes from the magnetic energy that is Guerra.

"She certainly is the focal point. Her vocals and just her stage presence is something that sets us apart from other bands who have good musicianship but maybe don't have that extra something that makes you go, 'wow,'" he said.

New material: Red Veda's recently released EP "Perchance to Dream" easily flows from soulful love songs such as "Unconditional" to tunes of the attitudinal, jazz-funk persuasion, as with "Believe." The album is available on the Red Veda Web sites.

See them: At 9 p.m. Saturday at the Reptile Palace, 141 High Ave. in Oshkosh.

Why you better be there: "We're just a fun band to see," Arrigo said simply.

Give it a listen: Hear "Unconditional' on

Sarah Owen: (920) 426-6671 or - Oshkosh Northwestern

"Catsask Music Reviews"

June 2007

"With a very soothing R&B/Soul flow Red Veda delivers a solid musical punch. With a powerful presence Marcia Guerra is on time one time. Strong vocals backed by a tight and soul laced band Red Veda is sure to please the "good music" connoisseur. There's no doubt that these cats can entertain. Well arranged and performed, I'm quite sure that the average listener, to the seasoned musician will find a certain calm and soothing vibration while giving these cats a listen. Combining the best elements of Rock, R&B, Soul and Jazz... Red Veda is definitely worth your ear space!" -

"Marsia Guerra gets vocalist honors"

Marsia Guerra was selected as a top five vocalist by Singer Universe Magazine. Look for her in their February 07 edition. - Singer Universe Magazine

"Red Veda to appear in Skope Magazine"

Red Veda has been selected to appear as a featured artist in national music publication Skope Music Magazine. Look for their feature in the summer of 07. - Skope Magazine

"Red Veda's debut EP hits CMJ at #9"

The title track of Red Veda's 2005 debut EP "Crush" hit the CMJ top 200 adds chart at #9. Brandon Day from Tinderbox Music said about this effort: "This chart is really hard to hit, so I'm really excited to get them on there. This is really good bragging rights."
- Tinderbox Music



Written by Marti Kramer Suddarth
Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Strap In! Sit down. Buckle your seat belt ... or at least find something solid to hold on to. Be prepared when listening to Red Veda's Perchance to Dream. Trite expressions don't quite do the Minneapolis based Red Veda justice, but Marsia Guerra's vocals will knock your socks off, throw you for a loop, and blow you away! Her vocal range is wide, with a full, rich depth at the lower notes. In her upper range, especially when singing "The Stronger" and "Unconditional" she's reminiscent of Tina Turner.

Equally impressive is Todd Burrell’s intricate tickling the grand's ivories. He proves himself to be a jazzman extra-ordinaire on "Believe," and "Unconditional." Guitarists Aaron Zepplin and Anthony Arrigo, bassist Robert Seekins, and drummer Kielo mesh seamlessly, creating a well coordinated, tight, jazz/blues/rock band that could hold its own against anybody. No mere "fly by nights," the band members combine degrees in music (including a Ph.D.!) with heart. Close your eyes and listen to the instrumentals.

Finally, keep an ear out for guitarist/drummer Anthony Arrigo, who composed or co-composed every cut on the CD and, along with Chris Mara, produced the collection. He knows how to guide the band's instruments, including Marsia Guerra's voice, to their fullest capacity. The arrangements and lyrics are real and uncompromising and give Red Veda its soulful, jazzy sound.

"Groupies Suck Volume #9"

Red Veda been selected as one of fifteen out of over 1,300 bands from the U.S., U.K., Mexico, Norway, Germany, Canada, and more, to be on the next volume of the "Groupies Suck" compilation CD series sponsored by No Cover Magazine. Red Veda will have a 1/4 page color photo and mention the January 07 magazine issue which is available Barnes and Noble Stores nationwide. - No Cover Magazine

"Best of Indie"

Red Veda has been selected by to be on their "Best of Indie" compilation CD that will be available in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Netherlands, and Germany. -


"Crush" EP 2005
"Perchance To Dream" EP 2007
"Best of Indie" compilation 2007
"Groupies Suck Vol. 9" No Cover Music Magazine compilation CD (Los Angeles, CA, national distribution), 2007
"Music Heat Volume 2" compilation, 2007
"Indie Music For Life" compilation CD 2007
"Best of the Twin Cities" Rift Music Magazine compilation CD (Minneapolis, MN) 2007


Feeling a bit camera shy


Energy, soul, and passion are three words that describe Red Veda. Fronted by one steamy female vocalist, this six-piece, Minneapolis based band blurs the lines between rock, pop, and urban genres in a way that is both musically invigorating and delightfully fresh. Red Veda has a scorching line-up that delivers high-energy performances with incredible vocals, great musicianship, and a commanding stage presence.

Red Veda was founded in the spring of 2005 by Anthony Arrigo (now playing guitar after a stint behind the drum kit) who had moved from Pittsburgh PA, to the Twin Cities to finish a Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota.

The members of Minneapolis, MN based Red Veda (none of whom are actual Twin Cities natives) draw on such geographical diversity as San Diego, Pittsburgh, and Trinidad to bring their distinctly un-Midwestern roots together with a shared love and respect for the old-school spirit of blues, jazz, and rock improvisation, and fuse this foundation with fresh musical ideas that borrow from funk, soul, latin, and more.

Red Veda's vision, however, goes beyond mere genre blending and instead looks to weave their honed improvisational ability with artful, catchy, and soulful songwriting.

Red Veda strives to push the envelope of the soul/R&B/funk/blues format by approaching it in their own way – one that's very hard to categorize. Plainly stated, Red Veda doesn't sound like other bands of their typically pigeon-holed genre, and because of that they are spreading excitement across a broad swath of younger music fans eager to hear the untapped capabilities of this kind of line-up. And, for fans of stellar musicianship, they continue to be an electrifying band to see live.


• Red Veda released "Perchance to Dream" in February of 2007 and sold over three hundred pre-release copies in January 2007

• The title track of Red Veda's December, 2005 debut EP "Crush" hit the CMJ top 200 adds chart at #9. Brandon Day from Tinderbox Music said about this effort: "This chart is really hard to hit, so I'm really excited to get you guys on there. This is really good bragging rights"

• Red Veda has been played on over 300 college radio stations around the country

• Red Veda has been selected for several national compilation CD’s

• Marsia Guerra was selected as top five vocalist for Singer Universe Magazine

• Red Veda continues to play throughout the Midwest United States.

• Red Veda has a strong web presence including outstanding website and myspace site (20,500+ song plays, 7,000+ friends), extensive e-mail fan list, digital distribution through itunes, Napster, Snocap, Burnlounge,, and much more.

A full press kit is available for download in .pdf format on our website.

Also visit us on myspace and see what other people are saying about us.