Red Vein

Red Vein


Red Vein's music has been described as “Melodic, Rollercoaster rock.” It sounds like Elvis Costello’s New Wave colliding with The Cure and New Order’s 80’s Indie. Their staunchly live act has been performed across three continents including dates in New York and Vietnam.


Although originally hailing from Bath in the west of England, Red Vein are now firmly London based. Their inspiration is drawn from a wide genre of largely 80's music – everything from the pop sensibilities of Elvis Costello or The Cars through to an edgier, indie sound more reminiscent of The Cure or New Order.

Their debut EP 'The Thrill That Kills' was produced by Cure and Placebo producer Paul Corkett in late 2007. The four tracks it features form the backbone of a staunchly live act which has been performed across three continents including a week of dates in New York and even a stadium show in Hanoi, Vietnam.

After banging their heads against the doors of the music industry for the past two years, Red Vein are beginning to make a serious impact. Their last release (“The Thrill That Kills E.P.”, available on iTunes and most other major online retail sites) was featured on all the major radio shows across the US, including countless plays on KROQ’s famous “Rodney on the ROQ” show in LA. Just last week, COCA COLA made Red Vein the soundtrack to their CokeZone website and will soon be offering their single One Little Thing for download on the front page of their main site,

Other influences include a diverse mix of bands like Talking Heads, Biffy Clyro, Tears For Fears and The Clash.


The Thrill That Kills
EP - 2007

Set List

Set duration typically ranges from 25 to 90 minutes. The material is predominanaly original with a couple of covers (eg Joe Jackson/The Cure) thrown in for the longer sets.