Red Velvet Mojo

Red Velvet Mojo


Classic rock w/a splash of pop, drenched in blues.


Located in Atlanta, the members of Red Velvet Mojo come from different parts of the USA. Brian and Todd are cousins and grew up in St. Augustine, FL., and somehow wound up together again. Phil Miller hails from Chicago with Rylie being a homeboy. With all of the members in their late forties, they grew up on the same musical diet of classic rock and blues. Don't let the ages fool you, though. RVM isn't comfortable with lounge renditions of the same old worn out tunes. They bring their own originals to the feast for your dining pleasure and aren't afraid to tackle a little Mayer or Three Doors Down. Whether it's high energy rock, easy going acoustic pop or tasty, melt in your mouth blues, Red Velvet Mojo will quench your thirst and feed your hunger. It's time for a Velvet Revolution.


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Set List

Set 1
1- Good Love Is On the Way
2- Keep Your Hands To Yourself
3- Last Dance With Mary Jane
4- Slow Dancing In A Burning Room
5- Little Sunshine (o)
6- Gimme Three Steps
7- She’s Gone(o)
8- Jam in A7(o)
9- Sweet Melissa
10- Trying To Let You Go(o)

Acoustic Set
1- Free Falling
2- Fix You
3- Curtis Lowe
4- You Shook Me All Night Long
5- Fields of Gold
6- I Just Want It To Be You(o)
7- Go Rest High On That Mountain
8- Whenever You Come Around
9- Choking On You(o)
10- Acoustic Jam(o)

Set 3
1- Got Me A Rooster(o)
2- Kryptonite
3- Hard To Handle
4- Lay Your Burden On Me (o)
5- Sweet Home Alabama
6- It’s Over(o)
7- Gravity
8- I Won’t Back Down
9- Why Georgia Why?
10- That’s It(o)

1- Stormy Monday 4- Texas Flood
2- I Know Trouble 5- The Lake
3- Black Night

Sets are approximately 45-55 minutes. Cover songs include John Mayer, Allman Brothers, Skynryd, Georgia Satellites, Three Doors Down, Sting, etc.