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At first it seems one has stumbled across a really good hard rock band, crusty as '70s Robert Plant's jeans after a fortnight on tour and unruly as sweaty old Sabbath. And this would be just swell on its own measure but Redwater starts throwing serious curves four tracks in with country tinged corker "Off To War" and from there they roam off the leash, jamming and prodding things with puppy-like energy. The stellar hard rockers return in the tail section and taken together with everything in between – including a real facility with slow burns -Redwater's full-length debut (released February 12) is reminiscent of what Pearl Jam and The Black Crowes did in the 1990s (i.e. taking classic rock and building compelling new shapes atop that foundation). Though many ape Zeppelin and Hendrix, Redwater sweats their musk. They are young and there are definitely some rough edges, but they bear the markings of a band that could one day be really special. They've already offered up a frothing elixir against the Nickelbacks of the world with this highly enjoyable first salvo. (Dennis Cook) - Dennis Cook (


Redwater is comprised of Kevin on Guitar and Vocals, Tony on Guitar, Jay on Bass and Mike on drums.
OK here we go with the review...
Track #1 "Yet Another Girl" is a great choice for the opening track, "Yet Another Girl" is upbeat and manic, the singing and playing are very spirited on this song and they sound like they were executed with reckless abandon. The opening track induces a sonic adrenaline rush that leaves the listener wanting and waiting to hear the next song ASAP...
"Can't Stand My Life" has a groovy, retro, 70's rock feel to it...which means it sounds cool. This track features some tasty slide guitar playing.
Track #3 "Sleazy" starts off with a sexy, funky groove then the song takes a twist that leads into some very awesome drum, bass and solo guitar playing.
"Off To War" is a timely subject these days, this song sounds like it could've been written by Bob Dylan or 1 of my faves, Johnny Cash, the country groove is a surprising and refreshing change from the 1st 3 songs and upon hearing the 1st few bars of this song I honestly had a happy grin on my face, thanx Redwater, this song has a real nice, clean, lead guitar solo.
Track #5 "Oh Lord" brings the tempo of the CD down, but not in a bad way, with another country rock song, "Oh Lord" has some sweet, melodic, melancholy laced singing by Kevin.
"Time Is A Lie" the title track reminds of the Alice In Chains CD "Jar Of Flies", I really enjoyed the acoustic guitar sound and mellow feel of this song.
"You Don't Get It" starts off slow but speeds up slightly, this song has a hippie groove to it with it's bongo playing and backward tracked guitar right in the middle of the song...pass it on.
Track 8 "Our Own" is a mellow rocker that features a jammin' solo by Jay on the electric bass guitar.
"Too Far Behind" is an acoustic guitar driven rock song that highlights Kevin's soaring and melodic vocals.
Track 10 "Clay" brings up the tempo of the CD with it's driving beat, slide guitar playing and syncopated guitar and bass rhythms.
The closing track "I Still Don't Want You" has a nice hard rockin' rhythm, I enjoyed the psychedelic soundz at the end of the track.
Redwater's contact info is on the CD insert above the review, contact them to get your copy today.

Check out the interview Sara Serafin from Skunkpost did with Redwater, here's the link... -


Time Is A Lie (Feb 2010)



There is a part of the population that is yearning for what is true in this life. People that WANT to wake up from the coma of illusion that has been forced upon us by many external forces. Can it be possible anymore in a world of increasingly forced and processed thought, that music SHOULDN'T be made and tested for the sole reason of becoming a product to sell to the masses?

A group of people that came together to break out of this mediocrity and suffering who are not afraid to take chances on any level--Adventurous song structures, diverse & eclectic sound, going wherever the music takes them but still keeping focus on melody and emotion--A group of musicians fully engaged in pushing the evolution of music while still keeping a solid footing in what has come before.

Four individuals that bring every conceivable emotion that is in ones soul to the music they create...They go by the name....REDWATER. In the simplest sense, they are a rock n' roll band that has an undying drive to create & to explore. There are no limits, and that's the way they like it.