Music a strong passion for this band and we really try to convey with our live show. We don't want to make the band seem like something we just do for fun-rather it's something we can express ourselves with and do so in a passionate, artistic way.


REdWIRE is a five piece rock band from Colby, Wisconsin. The band formed in the summer of 2002. In the two and half years the band has been together, REdWIRE has released two full length albums and have played several shows in the state of Wisconsin to help broaden their growing fan base.

The band's second release, { A Perfect Picture of Irony }, was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Simple Studios in Green Bay, Wisconsin, during July and September of 2004. Jon Heitpas of the Starrs (and formerly of Anti-Freeze) took a hold of the recording, mixing, and mastering duties. { A Perfect Picture of Irony } was released in November of 2004 and has proven to be a much more focused and more accessible project than the band's first effort, “The King of Lost Causes.”

Music is more than just a hobby for members of the band. REdWIRE plays music to get things off their chests in order to relate to people and to be related to. It is their intention to create accessible music that will not only entertain, but also provoke thought for anyone who hears their music. The band does not wish to spoon-feed their listeners, but allow them to find relevance in their music that they can apply to their own life as well.

REdWIRE hopes to maintain their busy schedule with more shows and writing more music. Earlier this year the song, “As the Story Goes...” was featured on Vivaldi Media's compliation disc, “The Value of Reality; Volume Four.” Also, the band will have the chance to open for the national acts Breaking Benjamin, Theory of a Deadman, and the Exies at the Rave in Milwaukee.


Broken Poses

Written By: REdWIRE

Verse 1:
Divine in the gutter
Love is walking down the street
As the sidewalks fill
We give is what we can scream
Begin to cry
Everyone knows it
Walk away, nothing more
We’ve broken our poses

Situation filled with curiosity
Bitterness fills the open reality
Ask a pill
Choke the weary
In the moment

Open up tonight, but try not to bleed on me
Place your hand in mine
‘Cause I’m afraid it’s the last time you do
You do

Verse 2:
Left behind now what you could not take
Find a room in your heart
Escape dreaming in sleep
Love is walking down the street

If you were a gun
I’d pick you up and blow myself away

Those We Loathe

Written By: REdWIRE

Verse 1:
The two of us might as well be three of a kind
It gets so crowded in here
Endurance prolongs the inevitable
Bliss is the unattainable
Mistakes are wrought with hesitation
Blood buys desperation
I write the wrongs to balance the scales
With each others fingers in our faces
We can’t see anything

Sing la la la la la
Until your throats bleed

Verse 2:
The bidding has been closed on closure
The healing of bloodletting is enervating
Discontent aides the irreversible
You love destruction and scoff at beauty
Just like the rest of the world
Your capricious attitude disgusts me
And I won’t stand for anymore gammon

We find comfort in the despised
And serenity in those we loathe

New Beginnings

Written By: REdWIRE

Verse 1:
My apologies before I begin
I must admit, I’m shallow and stuck again
There’s one thing I’ll never understand:
What in life makes a man?

Falling out or walking away
Starting my new life today
New beginnings, they come in waves
God help me through today

Verse 2:
No apologies, they just show guilt
Like a rose bound to wilt
Ever longing, ever needing this to be
The path I take to all my dreams


The King of Lost Causes (2002)
A Perfect Picture of Irony (2004)
SINGLES: "Broken Poses," "Those We Loathe," and "As the Story Goes..."

Set List

Our setlist typically contains about 10 original songs with two covers. We cover "Everlong" by the Foo Fighters and "Inside Out" by Eve6.
Our set list typically is about 45 minutes long, but we can play for longer if the venue wishes us to.