North Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Redwoods make big west coast rock tunes!


It's the year 2019 and it feels like there is something missing in rock n' roll. From the hills of North Vancouver, BC comes a thunderous sound that couldn't even be matched by the greatest West Coast storm. Since their debut release "Sessions In Stone" back in 2017, Redwoods have relentlessly been playing shows and recording music. Their most recent release "Study Night" in 2018 with production from Tommy Macdonald (Hedley) captures a dynamic of following your dreams and not forgetting to have a damn good time while you're at it. A certain track on this EP called Tidal Wave is praised by It's All Indie as being " out and out anthem laden with dominating vocals and charming licks of guitars." Redwoods sound is reminiscent of the 90's alternative rock era coupled with a wonderfully soulful voice. Devon Webber is the front man who commands audiences with his soaring vocals and electrifying guitar playing, with the rest of the band being no novices either. Aydn Graham also on guitar has a mysteriously melodic style that will turn your head in a way you wouldn't expect. Adam Likness' powerful drumming along with the mesmerizing bass playing of Chad Carlsen completes the backbone of this magnetic foursome. Redwoods plans to release its first full length album with the help of Canadian producer Garth Richardson in the Summer of 2019. A Canadian tour will surely precede it, following up on their WTF TOUR  (2018) through Northern Canada and appearance at Indie Week 2018 in Toronto. If you haven't seen this band live in Vancouver it is only a matter of time before they'll be in a city near you. Once they leave the stage it will be hard for you to believe the humble beginnings these guys have come from.


-"Study Night" EP (Jun.7th, 2018) (Nothin' But Trouble, Tidal Wave, Silhouette)

-"Sessions In Stone" EP (Nov, 2017) (In Stone, Leave Him Alone, Concrete Jungle, On The Run, Disconnect, Twisted)

Set List

Nothin' But Trouble
Tidal Wave
Light Me Up
In Between
Leave Him Alone
Roxy Song
Sing It