My music is a microcosm of my influences, raw and organic. A bit reminiscent of 70's Soul, imbued with Gospel, Rock, and Funk. A musical gumbo full of flavor.


Born Rodger Hall Reed II, this L.A. native was the prototypical preacher’s kid. Mischievous and introspective, Reed! was heavily influenced by the Gospel music he heard in his father's church, as well as the Rock and Soul in his mother's record collection. Extremely shy as a child, music allowed him to show another side.

Reed! Learned to play piano and bass at an early age and formed his first band at fifteen playing bass and singing lead vocals. He started playing guitar shortly after and soon was playing all the instruments on his early demos. His first real break came when a friend passed one of his demos on to a producer he knew, which resulted in his first deal. Unfortunately nothing was ever released and it ended in a feud with his then friend and manager. Undaunted, Reed! continued writing and recording determined to develop a sound.

Having drifted in and out of the scene musically, this artist seems to always find his way back to his muse. Enigmatic and supremely gifted, Reed! has again resurfaced with a brand new set, replete with soulful ballads, soaring rockers, and stripped down Funk burners. He’s currently finishing his most recent project and preparing to start rehearsing his new live set showcasing his electric blend of raw organic Soul.


Like a God

Written By: Reed!

Sometimes when a man loves a woman, I mean really loves her in the way that love was intended, that man becomes like a god in his love for her. With that in mind, this song is my testimony...


Eyes of a Child
Soul Light
Road 2 happiness
Like a God