reed blue

reed blue

BandEDMNew Age

electronic-noise-ambient music. music for your ears and brain. idm. beatty tracks and landscape/abstract sounds with or without a kind of naive voice.


Italian of origin, born in 1975 and grown up in Lugano, southern Switzerland. At 18 started singing and composing, alone and with a couple of friends, experimental/underground hip hop/rap music. Many local gigs and few tracks occasionally plaid by the local state-radio. On the stage, alone or with one or more friends, had no fear to start the gig with no music at all. His musical tastes, even though interest for true and/or non-commercial hip hop/rap music remains, as well as for any kind which has something to “say”, have moved to the world of electronic and minimalism, since his staying in London from 1997 to 2001 for studies at a university. There he started composing and experimenting with electronic music and after his return to his homeplace, he concentraded on the frequencies of sounds and on the fact that frequencies could be shaped as you want if you know them. Now, at the age of 33, is more and more attracted to minimal sounds and no-conventional/abstract composition of electronic/noise/ambient/idm music with or without a kind of naive voice that can trap the listener into a parallel world of illusions.


for teevee

Written By: reed blue

no lyrics.
it's an instrumental track


met u in a club
dance after christmas
29 marzo
for teeve

Set List

set with laptop, filter box, midi controller, mixer, mic.
lasts: 45 min-1h