Reed Dickinson

Reed Dickinson


My music sounds like the Beatles might have sounded if they were together today. Of course we recorded in Pro-Tools (computer) and had many more tracks than George Martin had in the sixites, but the melodies and harmonies are there.


Reed Dickinson is a Boston, MA area native who’s been recording his own music since 1996. He recorded the retro rock CD Playing Games With The Sun and released it in August 2001 to critical acclaim. “The sweet melodies and superb lyrics Reed Dickinson displays in this album baffled me. Reed Dickinson obviously has heaps of talent as a songwriter and is a very capable singer as well. Playing Games with the Sun is a wonderful surprise and is definitely worth a listen. Reed Dickinson could be something special in the very near future.” MODERNROCK.COM. This CD has been compared by music publications to the Beatles more than to any other band or recording artist.

Reed has just released his new CD called Ruby. It’s a rock CD but with an eclectic mixture of other types of music interspersed throughout the CD. It might just sound like the Beatles would have sounded had they been together today. The surprises abound.

Ruby was engineered and produced by Paul Caruso at Bay Farm Sound Studio, MA. Paul is well known for his work with the band Aerosmith. Paul also lends a hand with drums and percussion. Other members of the Playing Games With The Sun sessions including guitarist Dana West, keyboard player Janet Hood and bass player Danny Mo contribute to many of the songs on Ruby. The members of this core band are famous for being outstanding Massachusetts musicians.
Ruby is an exciting CD. It is quite different musically from Playing Games but as always, the music is very melodic with lots of cool harmonies and Reed’s character portrayals and lyrical messages are still prevalent.


"Playing Games With The Sun" Released 2001

"Ruby" Released 2003

We do have quite a bit of internet radio play.

Set List

Ruby Song List

Ice On A River
Ruby Red Eyes
No Longer A Chore
Write To Me
Dangerous Curves
Believe In Yourself
Springtime Will Come Again
I Am A Kite
Bad to Me
Devil Doll
Lazy Day