Reed Foehl

Reed Foehl


"he sings like he feels every note...each song tells a story of which he relates astonishingly well" ~ boston globe


Reed Foehl first jumped onto the music industry radar as the lead singer of the Boulder CO based jam band Acoustic Junction. Their first two independently issued albums, Love It for What It Is (1991) and Surrounded By Change (1994) along with a relentless touring schedule won them both critical acclaim and a devoted cult following. As the band developed and survived several lineup changes the "acoustic" description no longer fit all of their material. Foehl, along with Acoustic Junction's core musicians Tim Roper, Curtis Thompson and Matt Coconis went on to sign with Capricorn/Mercury Records and released their major label debut under the name Fools Progress (1997). A return to the better-known Acoustic Junction moniker preceded the 1999 release of Live 5-4-99 and Strange Days appeared early the following year.

A prolific songwriter, Foehl penned much of the material on the Acoustic Junction/Fool's Progress albums while still finding time to compose many songs not intended for the "band" repertoire. In 1995 what began as a brief getaway to Crested Butte CO. turned into informal recording sessions which then became Leo's Song, his first solo album. Still committed to his work with Acoustic Junction, he realized that writing and recording of his more personal material was always on the horizon. In 2001, Acoustic Junction parted ways and Foehl launched into a full time solo career. The charismatic performer soon found a devoted audience turning out for his appearances at well-heeled venues in Boulder, Denver and Los Angeles. In 2004 he released his second solo album Spark through his own NFR label. Born in Boston and growing up in Dover, MA, Foehl has always maintained ties to his native New England and frequently returns there on tour, along with stops in Philadelphia and New York. He has opened for a number of today's noteworthy recording artists including Patty Griffin, Taj Mahal, Dave Matthews and most recently on several shows with Ray LaMontagne. Along the way, Foehl has caught the attention of motion picture/television music supervisors and his original songs have been featured in a number of productions including the feature film Just Friends (New Line Cinema), Laguna Beach (MTV), The Biggest Loser (NBC), and Breaking Bonaduce (VH1).

Reed Foehl's latest album is entitled Stoned Beautiful. It is composed of 11 stunning original songs, which are straight from the artist's heart. " I think it’s the first record that I’ve recorded that comes the closest to a true representation of my music and where I come from. There was a great vibe happening on these sessions. Although it’s a studio recording all the songs were basically live takes…there is no fancy cover up just the raw, real truth." -Reed Foehl


Leo's song 1995
Spark 2004
Stoned Beautiful March 7th 2007

Set List

1 long set or 2 45min-hour