Reed  Hutchinson

Reed Hutchinson


Raw, lush, emotional, passionate and sumptuous. The way Reed's set delivers is similar to the way an excellent film unfolds, one scene you'll find yourself excited, the next laughing, the next in tears. Reed delivers, every second of each song, each set, with true heartfelt passion and honesty.


Seattle, WA, indie pop quintet Reed began in 2004 as the solo project of singer/guitarist/pianist Reed Hutchinson, who previously recorded under the name Plum St. and gained much local acclaim for their EP which was one of the winners of the Northwest Emerging Artist Award in 2005. After this success, Reed Hutchinson and cellist Aaron Douglas immediately started recording with Martin Feveyear at Jupiter Studios in Seattle. The result of these recordings was "blu"an album of impassioned and intimate songs that lead them to countless radio appearances and sold out performances. Needing a fuller sound to match the potency of these recordings, Reed, along with cellist Aaron Douglas, decided to add bassist Tige DeCoster, drummer Byron Vannoy and violinist/pianist Trevor Lutzenhiser to complete his orchestral indie rock band.

Reed played with Alice In Chains, Heart and Sir Mix Alot at the Tsunami Benefit show, performed at The Showbox and has sold out the Seattle's Triple Door every time he's played there. Reed Hutchinson has played as a solo act several times in France, at the infamous Chesterfields and several other clubs in Paris. "Lemonade" had a long run on KMTT's "new music melt-down" even beating out Death Cab For Cutie's "Soul Meets Body" which went on to being number 60 on US Hot 100 charts.

Reed Hutchinson is currently recording "blanc" and "red" which will be released spring / summer 2008.


Reed - blu

Stay Calm - KEXP, KROQ and KMTT
I Can't Wait - KISS, KEXP and KMTT
Why Can't I - KISS, KEXP and KMTT
Beauty and Dreams - KEXP and KMTT
Lemonade - KMTT (won several weeks in a row on the "New Music Melt Down")
Running Scared - KEXP
Throw It All - KEXP

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Set List

We can play anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour set.

Basic hour set is...
Stay Calm
I Can't Wait
Why Can't I
Beauty and Dreams
Running Scared
Throw It All
Tell Me
I'll Be There
Crown Is Killing
Rock Show

Basic 45 minute set list is...
Stay Calm
I Can't Wait
Beauty and Dreams
Running Scared
Throw It All