Reed KD

Reed KD


Reed KD is a singer-songwriter from a small coastal town in Northern California. Often compared to Paul Simon, Sufjen Stevens, and Elliott Smith, his unique mixture of sea soaked imagery, intricate guitar work, and melodic talent as a multi-instrumentalist gives him a style all his own.


Reed KD is an indie-pop-folk-bluegrass act from a small coastal town in Northern California characterized by his blend of vocal harmonies, fluid multi-instrumentation, unique arrangements, and his ability to write a hook. While his influences have often led to comparisons to Paul Simon, Elliott Smith, and Joshua Radin, his songs manage to feel classic, intimate and fresh. With willowy vocals, intricate instrumentation, wit-filled lyrics and sea-soaked imagery, The Ashes Bloom is a testament to what one person can imagine in their Northern California closet.

Written, produced, recorded and mixed by Reed in various living rooms, bedrooms, and closets called home throughout 2006, The Ashes Bloom showcases Reed's range as a writer, producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist featuring performances on the guitar, slide guitar, mandolin, harmonica, accordion, Rhodes, etc. Additionally, Reed released the album himself.

Upon completion of the new album, Reed quickly built a band around his songs to fill his uniquely energetic, unpretentious, kazoo wielding, boot stomping live show. After spearheading a new, refreshingly positive music scene in the bay area, Reed booked his own national tour playing 45 shows in two months. For a self booked tour, Reed had great success playing with known acts across the country like Romantica, Kris Koza, Devil Makes Three and The Rosewood Theives. as well as playing at great venues like Hotel Cafe(LA), Pianos (NY) and The Tripple Door (WA).

Though The Ashes Bloom is Reed's first release, his earlier demo recordings led to his song "Seventeen" being featured on Deep Elm's third volume of their compilation series This is Indie Rock and was consistently reviewed as "... one of the best bands you've never heard." Furthermore, Reed has had 8 of his songs air nationally on TLC and The Discovery Channel. Reed is currently working on his second album tentatively due out January 15th.



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Road Flares

Written By: Reed Dahlmeier

You wouldn't be the first to hurt me
So it's promising that you love being unique
And maybe this time I'll get lucky
And you'll really mean all the things that you say to me

And then I'll learn the steps to the dance that you do
And then you'll hum along to my favorite tune

Let's build a wall between
All of the kerosene
So we can juggle road flares in the dark
I'll stop if you stop too
We'll watch the ashes bloom
Into the things we wisper in the dark


Untie the jar's loose strings
Full of the fantasies
Of who you are and who I'm supposed to be
'Cause I'll open up at night
And we'll watch the fire flies
Evaporate like stars in the sunrise


Empty Bottles

Written By: Reed Dahlmeier

I want to do whatever's right for you
And clear out all these empty bottles
To tell the truth I'm sick of self abuse
As a means to forget all my troubles

But we're knee deep in sand I do not understand
The more we lift our feet the more we sink
So there's nothing left to do but leave

I'll pack a book with some pictures that I took
And live out of my beat up wagon
And write you cards about how times are hard
But it makes me feel like I am living

And when I reach the coast and there's nowhere left to go
Maybe I'll figure out which way is home
Maybe I was meant to be alone

Upon return I'm sorry to have learned
That you moved on and left the city
And live down south beside the harbor mouth
In a studio with your new boyfriend

Your friends say it's the love that you've been dreaming of
You wished it would be me but had to leave
Love's not meant to be spent waiting

Three Long Years

Written By: Reed Dahlmeier

Well he knew that things would surely fall apart
Like the rotten floor that she is standing on
'Cause the screws and nails have all done their part
But the wood's too soft for them to hold on

And he knew one day that wood might become soft
Like the stern heart of a man with splintered hands
'Cause he built this floor and hoped it would be tough
But knew there is a day when all things end

'Cause he spent three long years
Jumping through life's hoops
And then his worst fears
Came true, true with you

So he knew that one day things would surely end
Like the twisting path across a puzzle's page
But he knows that he can start again
And learn from the last line he has made


Travel Sick Blues

Written By: Reed Dahlmeier

I bought a van
missing half a bumper
And turned the back
to my place of slumber
Then hit the road on
a short road trip
Though my plans were

Then I woke up
in a town of strangers
And kissed the neck
of somebody's daughter
As morning thawed the
We did our best
to forget

You Can Call Me

Written By: Reed Dahlmeier

I dug a hole so deep
I could bury promises
But the walls have grown too steep
Now I’m trapped alone and in the dark
And when the moonlight floods
This hole like the rising tide
I could see there never was
Any chance you’d lie with me again

You can call me
Anytime you’re feeling lonely
I’ll do my best to be a friend
But believe me
I know that it won’t be easy
I never wanted things to end

It seems your memory
Has turned to my shadow
So when the sun’s setting
I can’t help but notice that you’re gone
And so I’ll lie awake
Obsessed with what went wrong
I wish that I could take
Everything back to spare me this grief

This Coastal Town

Written By: Reed KD

I knew you'd do what you have to to get by
But was naive to think anything would be different this time
So found myself holding my heart out to a plot of demise

I could see the bad signs
Looming like a storm that's out at sea
When it hits the coastline
You won't find me

My trust was cast like a piece of glass from your hand
So with regret what was left wouldn't hold your crass reflection
You'll never see one more piece of me unless it's due to chance

I could see the bad signs
Looming like a storm that's out at sea
When it hits the coastline
You won't find me


In Case the Comet Comes (2009)
The Ashes Bloom (2007)
This Is Indie Rock (2005)

Set List

Set List (1 hour):

Road Flares
Sinking Stone
Even If I
Travel Sick Blues
Empty Bottles
Three Long Years
The Winter
Maybe By Morning
This Coastal Town
Don't Comprehend