Reed Lightfoot

Reed Lightfoot

 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

An eclectic mix of Alternative, Blues, Jazz, Folk and Pop styled from the intimate perspective of a singer/songwriter


Hailing from the New Orleans area, Reed Lightfoot has been writing and performing songs that encompass the various styles prevalent in the area. Spanning genres of Rock, Jazz, Folk, Soul, Pop, and even Electronica, he prefers to allow the music to flow in whatever form it manifests itself. Taking the stage solo, or with his part-time bandmates, Rickey Andre,
Ben Tiblier, and Josh Roques, the often melancholy tone of Reed's songs conveys a point of view of many things in a perspective that most other artists' don't.


The Open Letter E.P.:
1. Backward
2. I'm Not Gonna
3. To N.Y.C.

Set List


I'm Not Gonna
When the Rain Falls
To N.Y.C.
Fair Enough
Take Me
Just Don't Know
Military Road
The One You Wanted


Wonderwall - Oasis
Running on Faith - Eric Clapton
Rocketman - Elton John
You were always on my mind - Elvis Presley
Use Me Up - Bill Withers
At the Stars - Better Than Ezra