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Destin, Florida, United States | SELF

Destin, Florida, United States | SELF
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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"Reed Waddle-depth, breadth & muscle"

"Who does this sound like?" That's the question you will ask yourself when you pop in Reed Waddle's This Paperback Town. After a few run throughs, the question you'll want answered is "Why aren't there more artists of this caliber out there?" Great vocals, a fusion of rock, jazz, blues and even a little raggae, Waddle's latest album is a treasure trove of impressive music. One part Van Morrison, one part Jack Johnson, a smidge of Ben Folds, a little Bob Ondrasczik (Five for Fighting) and a dash of Bob Marley, this artist from Destin, FL has a meaty voice fresh with musical influence, yet strikingly unique. Easily switching gears in tone and style, Waddle's larger than life strength is his diversification and range- there's no putting him into a category because he changes from song to song. In the hands of a less skilled artist, that could serve to disjoint an album, but for Waddle, the result is pure butter. In addition to being a tremendous singer, Waddle is a great songwriter having won two international songwriting competitions by his early twenties. His lyrics are smart, slick and well-worked. Recently he was acknowledged by ASCAP Plus Awards Program for his accomplishments in his bright budding career. The thick vocals are prepared with moments of incredible instrumentation, from piano/keyboards on "The Way That You Do," a song clearly influenced by Van Morrison, which opens up higher ground to the island rhythms of "Little Darlin'" and the staccato guitar on "Two Fingers." The jazzy and suave "Song for the Summertime" is an instant classic, as is "All the Lovely People." Each song is tight and well worth every second of listening time. The constant through every song is Waddle's vocal. Soulful, smooth and multi-layered, he offers up a richness that most artists this young can't even begin to present. That voice is definitely going to take Waddle far. This Paperback Town is Waddle's third full length album, but you'd never know it by listening. It sounds like the work of a life-long musician, writer and singer. It has depth, breadth, and muscle. You can put money on Reed Waddle, because music like his won't go unnoticed. Written by KRISSIE CALLAHAN (May 2005) -

"Reed Waddle & John Oates"

Singer-songwriter Reed Waddle, of Destin, Fla., was part of Friday's lineup of talent. He and Oates have been collaborating recently, writing the song "Blue Eyed Soul," which they recorded Thursday and performed live for the first time on the KDNK airwaves.

"I feel especially blessed to be working with Mr. Oates. I came here last winter to write - I traded my flip-flops for cowboy boots," Waddle said. "Then I got a call from John Oates one day. ... It's been a really inspirational experience for me. There's definitely a part of my soul in these mountains."

Waddle opened for rocker Stephen Kellogg, who also volunteered for Friday's Guest DJ Day, at the Belly Up in Aspen Friday night and guitar legend Tim Reynolds Saturday. Waddle was happy to stop in to Steve's Friday afternoon to share his songs with KDNK supporters.

"I've been here a couple of times and every time I come here, I think I look at all the guitars more than listen to the music," he said. "For me, it's like walking into a candy store." Aspen Times Sept 30, 2006

- Aspen Times Sept 30, 2006

"A Must for the Ears"

'This Paperback Town' a must for the ears
By Brandi Ball

Releasing three albums in three years is not an easy feat – just ask any mainstream artist flooding today’s airwaves. But Reed Waddle, a 22 year old singer-songwriter from the channels of the Southeast, has managed to write and record a trifecta that would make some of the most seasoned music veterans salivate.

Not only did he put all of his spare energy and money into the albums, he earned a college degree in the process. Oh, and he also had another job, too. Pretty impressive since fitting in a shower is usually too constraining on the time schedule of most college students. But for Reed, a built-in support system headed up by his father, Dave Waddle -- who dabbles in the production and management of his son --seemed to help keep everything in check.

“I know that without him I don’t know if I would have had the courage to be doing this right now,” Reed said. “He’s the one who pushed me to write and he really brought the drive out in me. He always said, ‘You have a gift and you should honor that gift.’

“I love that he did that, he kept on me so I wouldn’t waste the talent. You can’t help but appreciate that as an artist – or as a man, I guess you could say.”

Waddle will reveal to the world the new direction he is taking with his music, and his new band, 13th Street Special, on June 13th when “This Paperback Town” is released.

The lyrics and basics of the songwriting are more of the same genius that have made Reed Waddle fans drive out to dives across Florida to catch him live. The difference, Reed said, lies in the quality of production. With the first two albums, Reed would record when he had the time off from school – he was in classes almost five hours a day – and Dave would mix it.

“This album, the way we’ve done things has been the traditional way,” he said. “We did it at a studio in Destin (Fla.) this time and it was a step up in the right direction as far as the recording process goes. You can definitely tell that, too. It is obvious even to the naked ear. It isn’t just a step, I guess, it is more like a quantum leap for us.”

13th Street Special – composed of keyboardist Alfredo Lapuz Jr., percussionist Geoff Schifrin and bass player Iver Bayne Thue – got their unique moniker from the street Reed lived on while living and attending classes at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

“We started as just 'Reed Waddle,' but that was pretty boring and it didn’t reflect that we are a group, a band,” he said. “We have such a connection with (the name) because it hammers home that we are who we are and that we have roots.”

The debut of 13th Street Special in “This Paperback Town” helps to further define the strengths of Reed’s songwriting abilities. Because, as he puts it, a musician is only as good as the people he has surrounding him.

“I love the creative process, but with some songs, the musicianship from me doesn’t have to be all that great,” he said. “What I mean is, for a song to be great, people don’t have to 'get it,' they just have to feel it.

“With these guys playing with me, I don’t think a show goes by that someone doesn’t ‘feel’ it. They are some pretty talented guys to have backing you.”

The two-time International Songwriting Competition winner admits he is a bit of a perfectionist about writing his material. But, placing his mind and heart out there as a window for fans to peer into is just how he likes it, and he couldn’t imagine it any other way.

“Most of the songs I sing are based on real-life experiences. I take an idea or something that I feel, an initial reaction to something in my life, and I start from that feeling. Whether I get that inspiration from the mountains in Colorado or from a human relationship, I just harness that feeling and begin developing it into a song,” he said. “I am not one of those guys that can sit down and have a song in an hour. It is a long process that I like to nurture, you know, nurturing something tends to shape it into its best form.”

Reed is rightly proud of “This Paperback Town,” which oozes of an island vibe, and takes your mind to a sandy hut in the Gulf at dusk where the margarita pitchers are never less than full.

“With these guys, we have been playing with each other for about a year now and we have grown together and developed our own uniqueness. The whole makeup of the band is on a different level, we have new music, and it shows our place in the world at this moment,” Reed said.

With his father at his side, and his mother perched in a front-row cheerleader position, Reed notes that his family involvement, and the introduction of his workhorse band, makes all the hard work of juggling school and music and money and life worthwhile. And to him, writing the material that makes albums isn’t just where it begins – it is where it ends as well.

“Whether you are creating characters or telling your own story, it is really i - Freshtracks Music Brandi Ball 2005

"Ultra-talented Singer-Songwriter"

"Ultra-talented singer songwriter with crafts compelling...accoustic indie rock. Endearing vocals, excellent lyrics, a John Mayer/Ben Harper/Counting Crows hybrid. Has the look, the charm and the potential. Reed has been contacted by many major labels to date." - Kings of A&R- 2003

"Buzz Indie Artist"

"Out of Gainesville Fla 19 year old with heavy Counting Crows influence. I've taken a personal interest in this one over the past seven days. Coming up fast on the heel of buzz indie artist Graham Colton except I think Reed is more compelling (raw and soulful rather)with the look of a John Mayer. -

Gary Savelson
- Demo 2002

"When Music Finds You"

"While most college 20 year olds are worrying about finals, where the next keggar will be and if they're going to make it to their 8 AM Friday class, they don't have to think about record execs calling for demos or potential managers folowing their every move. But then again most twenty year olds aren't Reed Waddle.

In his junior year at the University of Florida majoring in media relations Reed is preparing for his upcoming showcase at this years' upcoming Florida Music Festival. This Destin Florida native has been noted as one of the top unsigned artist of the last four years by and gained record label notariety from many major labels. He has been compared to artists like John Mayer, Ben Harper and Norah Jones."

Katy McDonald

Reed was the only artist from over 200 showcases that was flown to New York by Island records A&R in the summer of 03.
- Axis Magazine (Orlando) 2003

""Amazing Songs""

"No doubt Reed will be signed to a major soon." - Zandman 2003

""He has the Chops...""

Reed Jim Reed

With every A & R guy in the country looking for the next John Mayer or Dave Matthews, it’s no wonder this young Florida guitarist has been playing so many showcases over the past few years. The 2-time Intl. Songwriting Competition Finalist (out of over 10,000 entries) has been courted by everyone from Island to Atlantic – but still no takers. Regardless, he has the chops, the accessible voice (comparable to the young Van Morrison or Adam Duritz – whoops, same thing), the boyish good looks, and the killer band of classically-trained ringers. His DIY albums are selling well, and if he’s smart, he may just sign with AWARE and forget about this major label nonsense... Fri., JJ Cagney’s.
- Connect Recommends- 2006 Savannah Ga

"Serious Singer- Songwriting"

So, you liked John Mayer before everyone else. You saw his freeshow in Gainesville. You told your friends. They told their friends. Suddenly he's a TRL superstar, a teenybopper poster and just a bit too mainstream for you to connect with anymore. The solution? Reed Waddle. Though this 21-year-old has all of Mayer's guitar strumming charms and lyrical sensitivities--he was a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition--he is still a virtually unknown UF student, who is ripe for your musical picking. Try his latest release, “Higher Ground,” for an MTV-less dose of some serious singer/songwriting.

- Orange & Blue Magazine:University of Florida 2004


2002: Rush In
2004: Higher Ground
2005: This Paperback Town



Hailed as an emerging pop buzz artist as a 19 year old, Reed Waddle has evolved into to a hard working touring musician seeking his wider audience. His brief music career has sent him all over the country on his musical sojourn showcasing in Boston, New York City, Atlanta, Nashville and Orlando. Reed recently joined rock and soul icon John Oates of Hall and Oates as a songwriting partner in Aspen, Colorado. He is currently working on his fourth independently released CD in between national college dates and regional club shows. Critics have compared him to Ben Harper, Adam Duritz, John Mayer and Van Morrison among others...but what sets him apart from his influences is his own voice "rich with musical influence, yet strikingly unique". A three time semifinalist in the International Songwriting Competition, Reed is a prolific songwriter and a charismatic live performer. The Destin Florida native is hard at work,building his fan base... "This is my music..."