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We're a collective that creates progressive, hip-hop music that pushes the sound of the genre forward while remaining true to the elements that originally made the genre great --heartfelt expression, cleverly crafted stories & powerful messages. You wont find gimmicks in our music. We do what's REEL


After meeting in middle school at a lunch room rap cypher, the collective's two founding members, Euro League and MP Williams have been creating tracks together ever since. They coined the name "REELIFE" when trying to describe the sound of the music that they had created. The way in which Euro League told stories and the emotion that was present in his lines coupled with the MP's production which sounded like it could be pulled from the score of a film created an almost cinematic experience for listeners.The name REELIFE thus embodies the authenticity the lyrics found in the music and feeling in which that music invokes in the listener.

Childhood friend of Euro League, Doley Bernays, became a frequent collaborator after they discovered his raw rap lyrics and conscious street sound. Singer Ashli James began working with the group after they discovered her soothing voice while in a studio during a recording session for the "Euro Trip" album. And, rapper Spoken Phor, friend of MP Williams, began working with collective after MP heard his heart-touching lyrics and smooth flow.


Euro Trip by Euro League & MP Williams:

Wrong Turn into Yesterday by Doley Bernays & MP Williams:

To Whom it May Concern by Euro League & MP Williams:

Aries Twenty-Two: Quarter Moon by Spoken Phor: