Manchester...grey skies, dark alleys...BUT WAIT! There's a light the end of the tunnel...and that light is REEMER!


Over the years REEMER have built up a reputation for being a band who perform their music at the hightest level.

The lads pride themselves on giving their audience 'a show' in a manchester music scene that is sadly lacking in band's with a real sense of fun and showmanship.

This attitude towards performance has made REEMER one of Manchester's most sort after bands with several sold out performances at the academy buildings.

Their infectious Pop/Rock sound has impressed many and lured in a large fanbase of all ages.

REEMER look set to take the world by saw them here first!


Reemer EP (2005)

Live at the Studio EP (2007)

Set List

Typically, our sets our half an hour to forty-five minutes long depending on the venue's requirements.