What the critics are saying: "Reemos track's make the senses Tingle" Hotpress "Blistering...." Roisin Dwyer, Hotpress "Epic.....Catch them before the go a lil bit supernova"... Eamon Miller the Metro "Another great Irish band" Alison Curtis - Today FM


Reemo are the collective musical styles, tastes and thoughts of 5 ordinary guys mashed together to create something unique. Sometimes it's happy and pumping, sometimes it's ugly and harsh but no matter what it is, it is us.

Music for us isn't just a hobby, pass time or job. Its a lifeline. Whether it's making our music or listening to someone else's We need it to survive and function. We like to think you do too. When you listen to our music you are listening to our minds and souls and all the honesty, horror and all round weirdness that comes with it.

Reemo are Steven blasting his voice and his guitar,

Paul on lead guitar doing what he can to make it sing,

Igor tickling the ivories and the guitar plus injecting some much needed Italian style into the band,

Conleth secretly trying to destroy his bass with every note

and Alan beating the hell out of his unfortunate drums.

We hope you like us and what we do, because we like you and what you do.

We are Reemo.

Thanks for listening.

For Further Information contact:

kylebeg house
sallins, co.kildare


Demo 1 - (New Day)
EP - ( Music Box)
Single - Who you are / Line
Single - Rushin' Man
Single - Sometimes
Single - Chocolate Covered Gorgeous
Album - Colours

Set List

1: Beautiful You
2: Another Day
3: New Day
4: Falling Trees
5: Superman
6: In a Box
7: Stop
8: Feather Tell Me
9: Walk with You
10: Line
11: Circus
12: Out of control
13: To far to late
14: Rushin man
15: Indian Love
16: Spirit
17: Who you are
18: turn
19: To Late to Far
20: Cuba
21: Indian Love
22: Winter you (Forgotten Me)
23: Everything I Want
24: Cuba Part 2
25: Cuba Part 3
26: Sometimes
27: Chocolate Covered Georgous
28: One Day
29: Run
30: Vampires
31: Tsunami
32: Statue
33: Dancin Lights
34: Holocaust
35: Fall
36: Cuba Part 3
37: 21st Century Surgery
38: Light Years
39: Reconnect