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Reeper was born in New Orleans and currently resides in the Southside of Providence, Rhode Island. He began taking his musical talent seriously and focusing on music as a career when he was released from jail at the young age of 17. Drawing from his life experiences and struggles Reeper creates real music that’s at times personal and very easy to relate to. His music is best described as raw and emotional, more so given the fact that he doesn’t write down his lyrics, but rather it all comes straight from his mind to the microphone to the people. Not having to use a pen and a pad is a skill that he developed and mastered within the first couple of years of the beginning of his career. Also known as Grim Reeper or simply Reep, he remains to be a strong representation of Rhode Island, as well as the future of Hip-Hop/Rap music. He was officially signed to indie label O.G. Entertainment early this year. Besides countless features and collaborations on various projects and releasing his own mix CD’s, Reeper presently has a college radio promo single “Rockstar”, featuring fellow O.G. Entertainment recording artist Hype Holla, on the college radio charts nationwide. “Rockstar” debuted on both and the former’s (now “Top 5 Added” at number 3, and a week later debuted on both charts “Top 30” at number 28 and 19 respectively. On 3/26/07 the single peaked in the “Top 30” charts at number 4 on and number 3 on Rap Network Record Breakers. He forewarns, “Get ready to get used to something your not used to.” Check out the interview:

Q: A lot of artists now and days are credited with not actually writing their rhymes down, but rather constructing them in their head, no paper, pad or pen, it’s not so rare anymore; and you are one of those artists that does this. How did that develop with you, and was their any influences in your desire to do this?

A: Well I feel I’m different when it comes to that, I don’t do it because Big and Jay did it, they didn’t write. For me it became a problem solver. Because normally I would go to write, but after awhile I’d already have the whole verse done and ready to go in my head, but would say, “Oh let me write it down first before I go to record.” So one day I say “Reeper you already got the verse down in your head, you ain’t gotta write it down, so why write? Just go spit.” and that’s where it started.

Q: How do you approach the creativity process of your music?

A: Well I try my best not to do what everyone else is doing, and try to be me 100% on every song I do.

Q: What is the most influential force or factor in the direction, styling and creation of your music?

A: My life really gives me my influence, and the different situations that arise in my life is where I get most of my direction.

Q: Who or what is your musical influence or influences?

A: My family is my influence to make a great song. The way I feel my family should live is my musical influence, and plus the fact I love music and it helps me vent as well.

Q: As a rap artist, what’s your purpose within the rap game, what is it that you want to bring to it and are bringing to it?

A: Well me as a rapper, I feel I bring something that the game lacks, which is originality. And there’s only a few rappers that are doing what I’m doing in the music business, which is making good music.