Richmond, Virginia, USA
BandHip HopR&B

ReescoEnt's music is authentic, raw, informative, melodic, reminiscent of the golden age of Hip-Hop but yet current. ReescoEnt is "Da Ultimate Entertainer"- songwriter, comedian & rapper.


This mid-atlantic rapper, songwriter & comedian was born and raised in the mean streets of Richmond, Va. He grew up in a house where music was always present. Music became the soundtrack to his life and his main focus. His grandmother was the inspiration to pursue his goals and dreams. She introduced him to a diverse range of music, that is when he realized music was the universal language. He started rapping in his teenage years as a form of expression which turned into a culture and my way of life. In the streets of Richtown… it’s hard to get your feet off the ground. He has persevered and 20 years later he’s still here Bringin’ Back Da Real.


Magnum Man-single
Can't Find You-single
Boast & Brag-single
Daddy's Flow-single
Party Party-single
The Industry Is Blind-single
Old School Take Over- O.S.T.O-single
Clean Da Game Up-single
Dat's All I Gotta Say-single
Bringin' Back Da Real-EP