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REESE @ Cricket Club

Irvington, New Jersey, USA

Irvington, New Jersey, USA

REESE @ Warsaw Club

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

REESE @ Warsaw Club

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



Reese the artist is an innovative and powerful vocalist whose thought provoking and energetic lyrics provide a very welcome and refreshing change of pace in today’s music scene (in contrast to the formulaic and predictable music that’s currently being played on commercial radio). Reese the band is an extremely vocal talented quartet of all-star musicians who effortlessly combine rock, funk, hip-hop and reggae grooves into a vibrant and exciting new fusion of music. In addition to Reese’s powerhouse s, drummer C-Will (an amazingly talented artist whose current solo release is in heavy radio rotation nationwide), guitarist Mike Barnes (secret weapon of choice for heavy metal funk bassist T.M. Stevens’ band Shocka Zoolo) and bassist ShynDigg (groove master supreme and leader of the critically acclaimed NY band Digg Deep) make for a quartet of musicians that can handle ANY style of music with ease.

Based on the recordings I’ve heard and the live performances I’ve viewed, it is my strong belief that Reese’s unique sound will most definitely take the music industry and music listeners by storm when the upcoming recording “New Fire…Pain B4 Pleasure” is released later this year. Reese most recently proved this point during live performances at Crash Mansion in NYC and Club Dream in Cincinnati, Ohio (as a featured performer in the Midpoint Music Festival). Simply put, Reese (the vocalist and the band) rocked the foundation off of both venues! The combination of Reese’s impassioned vocals, C-Will’s pyrotechnic drumming, Mike Barnes’ blistering guitar leads and ShynDigg’s deep in the pocket, soulful grooves had the crowd screaming for more by the end of their set. Musically speaking, some critics have compared Reese to Living Colour and Lenny Kravitz, but I submit that Reese is in a unique category all by himself, and that the aforementioned artists had better watch their backs because Reese is seriously bringing the fire! Original compositions such as “Take You Home”, “Why You Wanna”, “Aah Aah Yeahh Yeahh” (the new get down and party anthem of the century) and an AMAZING cover of the Jimi Hendrix classic “Hey Joe” (nailed in one take in the studio) are going to make Reese a name…and a sound…that will not soon be forgotten.

Reese has been touring throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe to huge BUZZ! My advice is to check out Reese (the artist and the band) now, so you’ll have bragging rights by saying that you were there at the very beginning, because Reese is blowing up in a major way!!!

Anthony Richards
- Aural Fix Magazine

Reese is a rare breed of artist who creates music with a lot of emotion and feeling. His style is a cross somewhere between Lenny Kravitz and Seal. The music has a great blend of several styles that range from all over the genre scale. Using everything from word music to rock, Reese delivers his infectious grooves and heartfelt melodies with a very colorful flavoring. I truly enjoyed the tasteful combination of rock and R&B styles, not to mention the many other styles that where incorporated in this album. Though
all of the music on the album is well worth mentioning, there's one that stands out like a shinny coin in murky water. 'Annie' has to be one of the most haunting and real songs that I think I have ever heard. This song is pure gold, pure brilliance, and pure genius. Definitely one that you have got to hear. This song touched me in a way that I can't explain. Simply amazing. Reese is definitely an artists who pours a lot of truth and soul into the music he creates.
- Michael Allison - THEGLOBALMUSE.COM
- Michael Allison


1997 - REESE / Exile Records
1999 - Electric soul Volume 1 - Live at the bitter end
2001 - Elcetric Soul
2004 - Bare Soul - accoustic session's volume one
2007 - New Fire : Pain B4 pleasure



REESE is rock music. REESE is rap music. REESE is funk music. REESE is accessible music. REESE has been performing throughout North America and Europe since 2001. Opening for popular artists including Common and filling in for larger artists including Ben Folds, REESE has built a significant fan base from the US to Europe. REESE has been featured on CBS The Early Show as "the next big thing in the music business.”

REESE credits his cross genre appeal to a past split between Brooklyn, NY and Greensboro, NC. “I’m the yin and yang of inner city projects and wide-open country fields. My music is influenced by what I hear in the street and what I listen to at home.”

The history of REESE begins with his first independent and self-titled release in January 1997. Since then, REESE has released three other albums including one live album recorded at NYC's famous club, The Bitter End. REESE's fifth CD, “New Fire: Pain B4 Pleasure” was commercially released in the spring of 2007. “New Fire” features REESE on vocals and rhymes, Mike Barnes of Shocka Zooloo on guitar, Shyndigg from Digg Deep on bass, CWill on drums. "New Fire" features guest vocalist Gary "Nesta" Pine from legendary group, The Wailers.

“New Fire” is REESE’s the best offering yet and the US is already embracing it! The first single, "ll:Aah:ll:Yeah:ll" is receiving stadium play around the US. Sports teams from the NFL, NBA, and NHL are playing "ll:Aah:ll:Yeah:ll" every time they score, or during warm up. Some (The Philadelphia Eagles and The Detroit Lions, to name a few) have made it their music for their highlight reels. The NY Knicks made a customized version of "ll:Aah:ll:Yeah:ll" their theme song for the 2008 season. And The Chicago Bears made "ll:Aah:ll:Yeah:ll" their new stadium chant!

“As a passionate rock singer, REESE conveys the emotion of the lyrics seamlessly through every song,” says record producer, Mark “CoolNerd” Unthank.

2007 brought great news! ESPN made "ll:Aah:ll:Yeah:ll" the music for their "Ultimate Highlight" piece featured in episodes of their number 1 show, "Sports Center"! M.S.G. Network and The NY Knicks use "ll:Aah:ll:Yeah:ll" in their promotional campaigns (both on-air and in-stadium).For the 2008 television season, MTV and Nickelodeon licensed a total of 17 songs from the last three REESE recordings. The songs are airing in the top shows on the respective networks.

The end of 2008 brings two music videos, a tour of the US, Europe and Asia.

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