Reese Badda

Reese Badda

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Dancehall reggae artist. Marketable Dancehall. Smooth flows, hot lyrics, extreme rhythms. Excellent Music!


Reese Badda aka Darren Boothe was born in Port Antonio, Portland Jamaica on September 14, 1982. He was raised on Love Lane, a popular meeting ground for all in the city, which is located at the very heart of Port Antonio; the capitol of Portland. Reese was raised by his mother who ran a betting shop in downtown Port Antonio as well as his father who was an x-soldier / police living in Canada.

Reeseā€™s first true introduction to dancehall music was through a Buju Banton mixed tape which he received from a record shop on his lane in 1994, which featured tracks such as Murderer and Deportee, and from that moment on he fell in love with the genre. Musical influence also came from Beenie Man and Bounty Killer, while outside influences included his cousin who ran a nightclub in Central Port Antonio (Club Lexus), which Reese would frequent as a youth, allowing the music and lifestyle to sink even deeper into his roots. Reese has always enjoyed dancing, and was so good at it that people would consider him a dancer; which reflects in his movements on stage and ever flowing swagger.

His decision to persue a career as a dancehall artist came after sealing himself into the dancehall scene in Toronto following several successful dances with his squad, and gaining international awareness. The Badda mission is to now supply dancehall with Badda Squad's own flavoration of dancehall while producing hit songs; giving the city/country(Brampton/Canada) the proper presence deserved within the dancehall industry while keeping his roots in full tact.


1. Nah Lie
2. Tear Drops (itunes + radio)
3. If You want it
4. Badda Dagga (itunes + radio)
5. Come Bubble
6. Movie Star
7. Say Wow
8. Ladder

Set List

1. Movie Star
2. Tear Drops
3. Say Wow
4. Nah Lie
5. Badda Dagga

* Depending on audience.