Reese Browning & The Lasting Love

Reese Browning & The Lasting Love


An awesome vocalist with great pop/rock melodies complimented by unique musical and vocal stylings.


If nothing else Reese Browning breathes passion and emotion with a sound that falls somewhere between U2, Morrissey, Tonic and Collective Soul.

Whether he's armed with nothing but an acoustic guitar and a microphone, or with a full band, one gets the picture that "vocally honest" is a true description of Reese's style.

Browning began 2007, with the completion of his first solo ep with producer Jonathan Smith( With the collaboration of gifted songwriters Scotty Fairclough,(Lifehouse) and the aforementioned J. Smith, Browning worked to write great pop melodies with substance, depth, and aesthetic. “I am excited about the new material, we accomplished exactly what we set out to do.”

Craving the live show Reese quickly assembled a band more than capable of a great first impression. Already to date, Browning has opened with such artists as Jars of Clay, Kevin Max(of DC Talk), Luna Halo (Warner Bros) and many more.
"My music is passion and aesthetic sleeping with simplicity," says Browning. "It is about being yourself, open and honest, about your struggles, caring about others, but pursuing your own dreams, whatever the cost. Music comes from life, my music is lived, and therefore I hope it keeps on living."

With shows booked from Texas to New York Reese is getting his music out there and the response has been tremendous. Anticipation is high that 2008 is the year of firsts for Reese including a record deal and a national tour.

For booking or management information contact Redline Entertainment 615.340.0056


EP - "Turn"
EP - "My Condition"

Set List

Rose Covered Nails
Turn Around
My Condition
Alone In Love
The End
Looking Into The Sun