Reeve Coobs is a singer-songwriter from the south – specifically, from Charlotte, North Carolina. She creatively blends folk, pop, country, and rock into an original sound of her own. Her lyrics are smart and real, and her voice is rich and haunting and leaves you wanting more. Reeve’s songs can sometimes be uncomfortably honest, but that is what makes her such a powerful performer. Although Reeve has been compared to Joni Mitchell, Patty Griffin, and Karin Bergquist (Over the Rhine), her unique voice is one you won’t soon forget. She has a very powerful voice but unlike most voices you hear today, Reeve knows when to keep it soft and light . Her thoughtful lyrics and voice joined with her tasteful guitar playing makes for an exremely rare talent.

She may be young, but she is quite the experienced performer. Reeve began performing on stage when she was ten. In those days you might have seen her singing “Amazing Grace” or “Children Go Where I Send Thee” with her dad by her side on guitar. She still gets him up on stage occasionally to end a show with an old spiritual such as their version of “Wayfaring Stranger.”

During her high school years Reeve was in the pop-rock band Exit-Up, a member of a touring show choir called The New Vibrations, and a student of classical music. Reeve’s father and luthier, Jack Coobs, built and specially designed an acoustic guitar for her sixteenth birthday. The guitar was just the inspiration Reeve needed to take her music to the next level. Three months after receiving the guitar Reeve was playing and writing songs for the first time. In 2001 after an eye-opening visit to Kiev, Ukraine, Reeve wrote the song “Thank You”. “Writing that song really helped me to see my potential as a songwriter.” says Reeve. When asked about her lyrics Reeve said, "I always try to be honest and try not to hide anything from the listener. I write about life’s questions but also about what I know and the things that make my heart ache.”.

She continued with her classical music career, leaving the small town of Indian Trail, North Carlolina and moving to Bristol, Tennessee to attend King College on a voice scholarship. “I never could write in Bristol. It so hard to find any solace there, especially when living in a dorm full of girls." recalls Reeve. After a year and a half there she relocated to Charlotte to devote more of her time to songwriting and performing. She became a regular performer at The Evening Muse, The Pewter Rose, and The George Washington Bookstore and Tavern.

Reeve is currently working on completing her first CD so she can take her music to a more regional level. She spends a lot of her time performing with the all-gal band The Near Misses (Shana Blake, Reeve Coobs Etta Lea Kuhlmann, Eva Gael Pritchard, and Jill Lurie), the folk trio (David Holtzclaw, Reeve Coobs, and Scott Waggstaff), the Threshold band, and the Tosco Music Party Singalong Choir. Reeve was part of the Good Medicine Choir on Rick Spreitzer’s new album “Dirt Tracks,” she recorded back up vocals for Tom Eure’s most recent CD “Let’s Put it to Music,” and she also sings with John Dungan and Jeff Williams of gogoPilot.

Reeve has performed at The Evening Muse (Charlotte, NC), The Double Door (Charlotte, NC), The Pewter Rose (Charlotte, NC), The George Washington Bookstore and Tavern (Concord, NC), Drips Coffeehouse (Hickory, NC), The Room (Charlotte, NC), and The Tosco Music Party. Reeve has opened for and shared bills with artists such as Steven Delopoulos (formerly of Burlap to Cashmere), Kristin Cifelli, Laura Blackley, Anais Mitchell, Beki Hemingway, and Jerry Chapman of Life in General.


Make Believe House

Written By: Reeve Coobs

The table is set
The napkins are pressed
Everything is right
In our make-believe house

Turn down the lights
The candles are already lit
You hold my hand as we dance to Etta
In our make-believe house

One more time love
One more time love
One more time love
Around the room

Two cats and two dogs
Still it always smells nice
I’ll bake some biscuits and cookies
To the fire light

Lets go watch the moon
From our wrap around porch
The city is miles away
And all we see are starts

One more time love
One more time love
One more time love
Around the room

Straight down the hill
And to the lake
That’s where you go
Before I wake

Tell you folks
We'll be home soon
We'll bring the kids
And lots of presents too

One more time love
One more time love
One more time love
Around the room

In our make-believe house

Hold On Me

Written By: Reeve Coobs

If you were to find out
If you were to hear
What I’ve been saying about you
You probably just run

I tried not to like you
I tried not to care
But what can I say
You’ve got a hold on me

You’ve got a hold on me
You’ve got a hold on me

I can stop thinking about you
You’re running through my mind
So go ahead and tell your stories
I’ll listen every time

I know we're not perfect
I know I’m not right
But what can I say
You’ve got a hold on me

You’ve got a hold on me
You’ve got a hold on me

You’re the one I look for
In a crowded room
Cause you always known
Just how to make me smile

There is nothing I can say
There is nothing I can do
I’m falling' for you
And only god knows why

Cause you've got a hold on me
If you were to find out...

Set List

1. Falling Down (Coobs)
2. None So Far (Coobs)
3. Home (Coobs)
4. Hold On Me (Coobs)
5. Break (Coobs)
6. Bristol (Coobs)
7. Buckets of Rain (Dylan)
8. My Angel (Coobs)
9. Make Believe House (Coobs)