reevox is a mix of vintage sound mixed with todays technology. in other words, it's the mix of all the sounds we loved from the first day of our lives to


reevox has been formed at the american university of paris during a blues travellers concert. During the break, lead singer zaab curley and guitarist-composer umbi de martino performed a twenty minutes jam session that left the crowd so impressed that they asked where they could buy the cd.. Since that time they wrote more than 100 songs and recorded 7 of them with producer from L.A daniel lazerus, nominated for a grammy for Donald Fagen 's Nightfly album.
In 2000 they participated to the soundtrack of Sin'kitchen, a movie shot in the californian desert, starring Jeffrey wright and Robert Miano.
In 2001, Sal Bernardi, guitarist from Rickie lee Jones joined the band and a few month later producer, arranger and Bass player, bob mladenovic, did the same.
After two years of gigs the band started to record the songs of this upcoming album, signed a license deal with Cyclo, a UK Ind. label.
In the meantime 3 songs were used by Fashion TV
and recently they 've been asked 2 songs for this new L.A T.V show 'the weeds' on showtime this summer.
reevox's first album will be available in sept.2005
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Everybody Shines ( cyclo )
KRSW(L.A), Radio France international, Nova, Neo, Itunes

Set List

Killing me
Everybody Shines
Why did you do it ( Stretch )
When we're a part
Beautiful Child
Shadow me
Breathe ( Pink Floyd )
Love is coming back to me
Desert sin
Waiting for the rain
Comin my way
runnin' all the way
Give a little love

About 1h30 of high quality vibes