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Written By: Ree-zon

To my hard working people on their jobs
Hustling 24-7 non stop
Single parents, moms and the pops
Ayeeko’s what we say, when we giving props
The wars and the killings gotta stop
Peace and love, cos u know we all we got
If you feeling me, then u solid as a rock
Ayeeko’s what we say, when we giving props

Verse 1
Ayeeko to the people in the house
Wave your hands;
Is what the feeling’s all about
Do your dance
East, west, north, south
Represent it no doubt, go all out
Come on…it’s a smooth vibration
Across the nation
Know what your facing...
Is something that’s blazing
Call this occasion
History in the making! Uhuh-uhuh!
Feel the energy, I got the remedy
Access granted like MTV
No propaganda
This homeboy from Ghana
Make you do what u wanna

Verse 2
Put me on your top ten
Aint no stopping
I got no option
I keep it rocking
You hear me knocking?
Yeah, that’s what’s up
Have a real good time, and laugh it up
Worked hard for that money, go and cash it up
Crowd aint feeling you, come on rap it up
Keep; keep your hands up, like I told you to freeze
Its Ree-zon on the beat, aint no need to leave
Got that good music just to please your needs
Ke, ke, keep it cool yo, the treats on me
A-yee-ko to the peeps with degrees
Every contribution
Keeps the country moving
I give you what you like
To keep the body moving
When the vibes right
Don’t stop what you’re doing…

Verse 3
A-yee-ko to independent ladies
Holding it down for the precious babies
A-yee-ko to the men hey we
Still running things when it gets a lil crazy
Shout outs to you, this goes out to you
Yo am talking to
Our future leaders, teachers
The youth, and achievers
Believers, the limit is the sky
Diva’s yo our women stay fly
Ayeeko to my positive guys
We be chilling, it’s a beautiful feeling
Propose a toast, and then we be sipping
Let lose, can’t lose your cool
Old school/new school
Woo…! Ayeeko to you…


Written By: Ree-zon

I heard it in the wind
It was trembling
Everything was abused
Happened out the blue

I heard it in the wind
It was trembling
Everything was abused
Left me sad and blue

Verse 1
Brutal times, past crucial
Not quite as the usual
Poured cats and dogs
So am packing off

We all sobbed at the eulogy
Mother Nature let out her fury
Whose safe, no judge, no jury
It's chaos back and forth

Verse 2
Many suffered to gain
Many suffered thru the pain
All that I see is heavy rain
Many missing to this hurricane

I can’t let go…
So am going back to look
In my old neighborhood
Revisiting memory lane

It rained and it rained
Damn this hurricane
Nature's strange in her ways
As catastrophe's rave