Reflection is a creative blend of many music styles creating a sound that can only be described as "Progressive Rock." We create a very intense live atmosphere and work to show the audience something they have never experienced before.


Reflection was started in early 2003 by singer Lindsey Church, bassist Tony Farris, guitarist Brandon Zahn, and drummer John Church. The Progressive Rock four-piece has caught the attention of promoters and concert goers alike with their catchy and often technical melodies. Over the course of the last year and a half, Reflection has become well known for their energetic stage presence and intense atmosphere live. Their following has grown greatly since their conception and will continue to grow with plans for a large tour encompassing most of the United States over the next year. Also adding to their current hype is the Spring 2006 release of their long awaited full-length album “Pneuma.” Reflection hopes to change the way music is looked at and prove that meaningful music still exists.


"The Observer" Demo 2005
"Pneuma" Full Length LP 2006

Set List

1. Indoctrinate
2. The Calming
3. Connotation
4. Inept Cognizance
5. The Observer
6. 5 minus 1
7. The Equation
8. Revalations
9. Rebirth
10. Cyclic Devulgance
11. Pneuma