Reflections of Mortality

Reflections of Mortality


Metal band that mixes progressive touches with a hardcore feel and metal from yesteryear and today to come up with their own brand of melodic metal.


Reflections of Mortality has had many incarnations and band members since it's meager beginnings in their junior year of high school back in 1997. At first they were a rapcore band called "508" for a couple years with a very talented lyricist as a frontman, but when he decided to part ways they decided to go in a different direction musically. Thats when the hardcore band "Drivetrain" (with Dave switching from bass to 2nd guitar player) was started and slowly started progressing more towards the metal that they are today. Then Chris and Myles were dealt a devastating blow when long time friend and bandmate Dave decided to part ways to figure out some things on his own. Now down to only a guitar player and drummer, Chris and Myles pushed on and were determined to keep playing no matter what. They spent the next few years writing, trying out other members, playing some shows with various would be members, taking on the name "Reflections of Mortality", and perfecting their craft until in 2005 Dave decided what he really wanted, and that was to play bass with his longtime friends and bandmates Myles and Chris again. Now just out of the recording studio, R of M has a new found direction and energy waiting to be unleashed upon the metal community.


Eve of Berlin

Written By: Reflections of Mortality

Lost in all illusional worlds
sitting back in your own time set
wishing you could go back
to the time in which you belong
but now it’s just too late
you’ve burned the bridge you had to cross
and now you realize your
ignorance was at a cost

now I’m getting older and I realize
where I went wrong just coping with what
I have was never meant to get me far
stuck back in forgot times you never
seem to see where you went wrong
futuristic thoughts can’t seem to penetrate
yesterday’s mind

try to put it together but it all breaks away
try to fit the pieces but none of them are
the same, I wish I could go back home
stuck in my own hell all alone


Released first demo in 2004 with the songs "When the Button is Pushed", "Forewarned", "All The Good", and "Eve of Berlin" on it. "Forewarned" and "All the Good" were played on the local radio station 100.3 KKB a few times each until unfortunately 100.3 KKB was shut down. Second demo released in 2006 with the songs "The Calling",and re-recorded versions of "Forewarned" and "Eve of Berlin". Full Length album "So It Begins..." should be out before the end of the year due to lack of funds.

Set List

When The Button Is Pushed, The Hate Inside, Forewarned, The Calling, Human Concession, So It Begins..., Binary Existence, All The Good, and Eve Of Berlin. Sets usually go from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the show. And for some serious covers we've done Metallica's "Master of Puppets", and "The Four Horsemen", Sepultura's "War For Territory", and for more fun covers we've done Berlin's "Metro", A-HA's "Take On Me", and the Bee Gees' "Staying Alive", with a metal twist of course.