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Reform the Resistance began when brothers Jason and Sambo Moncivaiz settled down in Nashville after having toured for 5 years across the United States and Europe with their previous band Justifide. They began to focus on writing new material for their third record.

Teaming up with producer/engineer Malcolm Springer (Matchbox 20, Collective Soul, Full Devil Jacket, Greenwheel), they went in the studio to record the songs for their new EP, "And It Begins...".

The record was finished, but the brothers were still in search of a drummer to complete the band. Ryan Dugger, a graduate from the Nashville School of The Arts, saw an ad on the internet and sent in a tape. The brothers were impressed and asked him to join the band after only a few rehearsals. The final piece was finally in place.

The guys are excited to get back on the road with their new band and new music. With a tour set up in Europe for the summer of 2007 and shows being booked throughout the US, Reform The Resistance is looking forward to making lots of new fans.



Written By: Reform The Resistance

Does The Sound Of The Voice You Hear
In The Middle Of The Night Scare You
I Know You Don't Know What To Do
Hear Me, Have No Fear

Everything's Alright
Darkness Runs
And Darkness Falls Tonight

I Hope You Never Turn Away From
God Knows Every Situation
It's Easy To Fall
It’s Harder To Walk

Do You Know That There's So Much You Can't See
I Won't Leave You Now, Leave You Now
And When You Feel Like Someone's Watching You
When You Feel Like Something's Next To You
When Fear Is Holding On To You
I Will Fight For You Tonight

Close Your Eyes, And I'll Sing You A Song
Of His Perfect Love
It’s Alright, It’s Alright
Everything Will Be Ok Tonight

Faces Nameless

Written By: Reform The Resistance

This Is Not A Dream
Broken People Cry In Silence
Others Steal Their Innocence In Vain

This Is Not A Dream So Wake Up
You Better Wake Up Now, Right Now

Faces Nameless Still Have Feelings
And Status Kills Most Kindness
Love Can Bring It Down

Every Action Guides Emotion
Selfish Pride Brings Emptiness In Time
Dreams Can Take Us
Love Can Change Us
Wake Us From A Dream


Written By: Reform The Resistance

I've Never Felt Like This Before
Something About Her So Beautiful
She Moves Like A Breeze, So Gracefully
My Eyes Can't Let Go

She Sees Through My Heart
She Wakes Me Up Inside
She Sees Through My Heart
She Sees Every Side
She Sees Inside

I Can't See What You See In Me
What You've Done To Me Is Understated
Hold Me Close, Don't Let Go Of Me
I Can't Make You See
How Much I Love You


And It Begins...EP 2006
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Set List

Faces Nameless
The End Is Near
I Breathe
The War Within
Story Of A Century