Ref the Fox

Ref the Fox


Ref the Fox is a rock trio spawned from the muddy banks of Puget Sound. They're heavily influenced by garage and indie rock, as well as blues, Brazilian, jazz and pop music. Their lyrics address addiction, depression and mental illness. They rock hard.


Ref the Fox was created by Kane and Beth, siblings who grew up in Seattle. They're influenced strongly by PJ Harvey and Nirvana as well as other 90's Seattle bands.
Beth met Brad at Cornish College of the Arts where they both were students in the jazz program. Because of their experience in other genres such as Brazilian, blues, jazz and pop music, Ref's songs are not standard rock fare. They're lyrics address depression, mental illness, addiction and other topics not typical to pop music. Ref the Fox uses unusual harmony, melody and rhythm while still creating infectious hooks you can sing along with.


Give Up Down

Written By: Kane

It’s a neglected kid with an empty fridge and the TV blaring
It’s a warden dangling keys from his belt, laughing from the other side of his prisoner’s cell
It’s a lack of friends except a black dog on the porch and a crow on a limb
It’s a cloud covering up the sun, which is always there yet often forgotten

I wanna give up down

It begs for a kiss, a hug, a pill, a drink, a drug; well I’ve had enough


Circular, frustrating, tired of self-hating
Misery, complaining, all my life I have been waiting

Ladybug flying in my head
Eat the parasite that makes me sad
Pull the weeds from this flowerbed
Plant tulips of orange and red


Written By: Beth Dial

You follow me so close
An echo of my voice
Even my shadow’s blue
You catch me unaware
I find your face so fair
I eat up your deceit

I’d do myself in
To escape my skin
Deliver me, I’m crying
From this hell I’m in

Numb would feel so good right now
I’d cut you out if I knew how
To save the best of me
But your face is one I’ve known
Reminds me of my own
A vision of disease


Love Alive

Written By: Kane

The life that I live
It isn’t for me
The person I am
Is not what you see

I want to live so bad
But I am so terribly sad
That I must get high

I want someone to remind me how I got this far
Why just a beautiful body could make me a star


She is the lover who holds me when the night is cold
She always eases the pain of being so alone


If I had it to live
All over again
I’d go back to the times
I remember when
I could see beauty everywhere
I could feel wind blowing in my hair
I could taste love alive


Ref the Fox has not released any recordings.

Set List

Raw Deal
Give Up Down
Love Alive
Off of Me
I'm Through With You
I Can't Breathe
Crooked Line
For You
Road Song
Saturn's Rings
We have enough material for 1.5 hours of music, in two sets of 45 min each.