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Refugee is anointed man of God that ministers the Gospel of Christ through hip hop to a perverse generation. Not only does Refugee reach the church, teaching them deeper things about the Lord, and offering them an alternative to secular hip hop, but he reaches the street, and offers them an answer.


Refugee uses hip hop to lead the youth away from the street and into the arms of a loving Savior. Refugee doesn't perform, but speaks in the anointing of the Word Of God and ministers to the youth.
Refugee has performed at such stages as Grace Lutheran Church and Lord's Gym. At the Lord's Gym he attracts an urban audience. Many times after shows, urban youth challenge him, calling him a weakling for folllowing God. At a particular instance, the youth started to battle rap with Refugee. Instead of firing back with insults when it was his turn, Refugee spoke the Gospel in every bar, and the kid stood there stunned.
After the event, the kid took Refugee aside and asked him questions about the Lord. At the end of the night that high school student gave his life to the Lord and hasn't been the same since.
Refugee's goal is not just to take a microphone to the stage, but take the Gospel to the hearts of this generation. So when Refugee steps off the stage he continues to preach the Gospel to every single person until he hits the grave.


Soul Hustle Ministries (EP)

Set List

Refugee's Set ranges 15-45 minutes depending on the venue. It is also subject to change at any time.

1. My Crew
2. Lean
3. Die Daily
4. Armor Of God
7. Who It Be
-Break For Message-
8. Praise And Worship