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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Band Americana Folk


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Listen for Regan's newly released EP "Lonelily" on itunes, lala, Rhapsody, or Amazon. Or purchase it at CDbaby or her official website!



“I make a lot of stuff up,” she says breaking up with laughter. Petite with fiery red hair Regan appears happy enough sitting Indian-style in the fresh cut grass under Nashville’s beaming summer sun. But there is more behind the gregarious grin, experiences beneath the infectious giggle. And after listening to her latest creation, Lone Lily you realize Regan’s effervescent but relaxed demeanor belies a more complex being, the earthy spirit of someone who has dug her heels into the dirt of life and stepped out more experienced, more knowledgeable and well, dirtier.

Growing up in the heart of a small mid-western farm town Regan discovered her own musical strains humming in her head as a child. “I was about six or seven when I started making up melodies in my mind. I remember thinking ‘Hey, I like that and I made it up’”.

It didn’t take long before the ebullient Hoosier girl began channeling her musical passions in to weekly lessons, studying piano and violin throughout her school years. But it wasn’t until she was sixteen that she began to fall for the guitar. “Several of my friends already played so we just started teaching each other,” remembers the twenty-three year old singer/songwriter. “Before long I started a band to help me play originals out at local venues”.

It is not surprising the country girl’s fingers eventually traded tickling the ivories for the elastic bend of an acoustic. “I was a farm girl so I listened to a lot of Country music,” Regan reminisces. “I also grew up listening to a lot of Natalie Merchant. Tom Petty, Alanis and Sarah McLaughlin. Whatever my sister had playing”.

Citing Patty Griffin, Ryan Adams and Gillian Welch as current influences Lone Lily showcases these rootsy inclinations, packing one original after another with picking banjos, strumming guitars, chucking mandolins and licking harmonicas.

The lead track is a perfect display of life’s basic down-home ironies, marrying the folky bluegrass accompaniment and Regan’s breathy vocal with a story of love, distrust and demise. “‘Here Am I’ is about a mother who promises her child things that she ultimately can’t provide. The mother is also in an unfulfilling relationship of empty promises. It’s about how doubts and lack of trust ruin the love they share”.

“It’s dramatic and depressing”. Regan smiles. “But I’m happy with how it turned out”.

For as much real life material surfaces in her songs, Regan remains remarkably private, referring to the characters of her creation almost entirely in third person. “I love being by myself” the singer admits. “I wrote ‘Lonelily’ at two or three in the morning during a very subconscious state. I didn’t even realize what I had written until the next day. I played through it once and it was as if I was hearing it for the first time”.

But reading between the lines it’s hard to completely ignore at least some autobiographical references by the young songstress. “‘Lonelily’ is about being a loner, unreachable”.

Even with all of the arrangements and metaphors and studio time and schedules Regan still finds her inspiration from the ebb and flow of living. “To be honest my main influence is probably life and silence” she almost whispers, darting her eyes to the side as if she is contemplating what tree she could shade under or what patch of grass might afford her complete solitude.

“I'm stubborn when it comes to people asking me to compromise how I've been created or change the things that I have created” Regan concludes. “I’ve always seemed to go against the grain. And I think I’m doing alright at it.”