Reg & Phil

Reg & Phil

 Los Angeles, California, USA
BandFolkAdult Contemporary

Childhood friends Reginald Espiritu and Phillip Wang came together in 2009 to write songs about love, friendship, and government. Hailing from a small town where making music is the conventional pastime, an eclectic group of musicians from Walnut, California teamed up to create Reg & Phil.


Reginald Espiritu and Phillip Wang would write music while taking breaks from their Biology studying at Walnut High School. Fusing together harmonies and various songwriting influences--The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, among many others--Reg & Phil went on to release their self-titled album in April 2010.
"Reg & Phil" (2010) is a definitive representation of Walnut, CA's musical sound. A collaborative effort, the album brings together contributions from various artists of the locale, such musicianship in form of violinists, guitarists, singers, and drummers.
Reginald Espiritu continues to perform Reg & Phil songs today.


"Reg & Phil" (2010)