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Pop music is everywhere. But these days, instead of melodies that matter, the music machine tends to blare out meaningless, watered down tunes with no true intention. Then, just when you were about to throw your radio out the window, Tacoma, Washington's BrokenNess, busts onto the indie scene with a record that is pure pop heaven. The way it should be. While the lyrics to these tunes detail loneliness, addiction and despair, the music is generally light, clean and instantly memorable. The album opens with "Mr. Indecision," a brief character sketch that paints gray skies with a harmony chorus and a mid-tempo hook that uses melancholy and music to sets the tone for the rest of the journey. As the album moves through the chronology of depression ("I Feel Bad') and addiction ("Junkie", "Selfish Sadness") the listener gets a deeper sense of the bottomless pain that permeates this singer's world.The acoustic rhythm of "The Ocean Makes Her Cry (Tara)" , the seventies funk of "The Crutch of Every Fool" and the sweet redemption of "ICU in Dandylions" round out the set as some of the album's most important moments. The songcraft on BrokenNess's ICU in Dandylions is worlds ahead of the mainstream. As individual songs, these cuts shine with intelligence and dedicated pop sensibilities. As a collection, this record is a work of art. Instead of using flashy videos and millions of marketing dollars to move units, this band leverages the real power of music to communicate ideas in song. Radio programmers, label execs and music fans alike should clue in and take a hint from this very talented northwest trio.
- IndieMusicReview{Seattle}

tuneful, thoughtful, heartfelt set of tunes about life, love, drugs, divorce and daddyhood from Regan Lane and his band. Solidly in the mainstream of modern pop-rock, ICU In Dandylions evokes late-period George Harrison, Tom Petty — and the confluence of the two, Traveling Wilburys. First-rate performances, careful arrangements and polished production elevate Brokenness above the demo-disc masses into the ranks of professional recording artists. Safe for my taste, but I know there's a substantial audience for such sounds; hope Barger finds it before too long.

- Demo Universe {New York}

Washington state's Broken Ness' rootsy influences seem to come more from Britain and other parts of the US than their native environs. Songs like "I Feel Bad" and "Junkie" take a definite Brit pop slant with a backdrop more the gritty burble of Mellencamp. "Selfish Sadness" has a bluesy feel with psychedelic flourishes, like Billy Bragg working with the Black Crowes. The songs have a kind of easygoing vibe but also enthrall you with stellar vocals and the way they utilize their retro passions.

- Music Morsels {Georgia]

Lyrically, this disc is great. There's a lot of real meaty "struggling to get through"- type stuff, some of which is incredibly poignant, especially ICU in Dandylions, a touching ballad for the lead vocalists' daughter.... this is an excellent disc by an excellent songwriter/band. Should be interesting to see where they go next.
- 1340 Magazine {West Virginia}

Frontman/vocalist Regan Lane sounds like he’s being a big creative kid in the studio, even when some of these songs chronicle his own freefall into drug addiction and determined clawing back out. The high-spirited music gives a lift of hope behind the words. “I’ve used up all nine of my lives,” Barger confesses in “Selfish Sadness.” “The past is a sweet summer cloud, the present is a gun in my mouth, a coward who knows his way out, still I’m lying here.” But the music promises a miracle. In fact, if you grew up listening to Beatles albums and then got hooked on MTV pop, this music will embrace you. You’ll tumble back in time. It just feels so....good to listen to this. These songs are psychedelic, mystical, 60s & 70s nostalgia pop that sounds like John Lennon ducked into a recording studio on a quick trip back down to Earth. The harmonies are gorgeous. The instrumentation is so full, sounding like a hundred instruments – a rock orchestra and chorus. And when Barger moves from his troubled past into the promising here and now, love just pours out of his heart and flows into the music. The title track is a great example, inspired by the imagination of his four year-old daughter. I swayed in my seat. I starred tracks for my next mix tape. I almost called my mom. Almost. Let’s not get crazy, here.
- Indie-Music.Com

Regan Lane is responsible for most of what you hear here, aided and abetted by Dane Estepa & Ray Hartman and probably the best way to describe this album is if you could imagine Bob Dylan jamming with the Beatles. Or perhaps Elvis Costello with Oasis, whatever. Needless to say, 60s pop fans will be thrilled.
- Fufkin.Com{Florida}

From time to time something comes along the musical trail that has it's horns blowing to make sure you take notice .Regan Lane and BrokenNess have that quality , and it is nice to know someone still knows how to put together a nice Concept CD . The disk has a way of pulling you through your troubles and helps you see the brighter side of life . I have a feeling we will be hearing more from Regan Lane.
- Rikk's Revues

ICU in Dandylions is nothing short of remarkable. Regan Lane and BrokenNess are pop craftsmen of the highest order, making fun, upbeat songs reminiscent of a cross between the Beatles and Michael Penn. Regan, Ray Hartman, Dane Estepa, and company have serious messages lurking just underneath these light and fluffy tunes--lyrics about divorce, addiction, and love for one's child that are as moving as any of the oh-so-sincere ballads now on the market. Rich harmonies, passionate lyrics, and ear-filling sound (Phil Spector would be proud) rule the day, perfectly combining the Beatles and Michael Penn comparisons into something that is truly original.Lane and BrokenNess are bound to be forces to be reckoned with--the music is too good to be otherwise.

- Craigs Music Club

On ICU In Dandylions (interesting title} BrokenNess pump out 13 fleshed out power pop tracks that would satisfy the most discriminating music fan. The funny thing about lead singer Regan Lane is the more you hear his voice, the more he sounds like John Lennon. When Lane belts out “I Feel Bad,” you know he means what he says when you hear-”I feel bad and I don’t know why.” Even though it is a splatter of melancholy the rhyme and rhythm of the song is as irresistible as pumpkin pie after a Thanksgiving dinner, deliciously sweet but the underlying message is life can be painful if consumed without restraint. I also appreciated “Grain of Sand,” which seems to refer to the insignificance of who we are in this vast and endless universe, it is another rock-pop gem with harmonies and lead vocals to die for. “The Ocean Makes Her Cry (Tara) is his most prolific composition, showing off talent for reflective and pensive lyrical content with musical accompaniment that pushes and pulls you back and forth. The production values and sound are definitely above average and noticeably detailed in every song. This pure pop-rock perfection will require many return visits to your stereo.
- Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

Heartwarming and personal, “ICU In Dandylions” by Brokenness is an album that has more feeling than a majority of albums out there. The songs, all of which were written by vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist/percussionist Regan Lane Barger, cover Barger’s experiences with divorce, being a father and drug addition, among other things. “ICU In Dandylions” flows easily with his Julian Lennon-ish sounding songs as you learn about Barger and come to realize that in the end, he is just a guy who loves his daughter. Starting with the slow “Mr. Indecision,” Barger sets the tone for the album: “He’d love to please everybody/And no broken hearts.” Picking up the tempo and adding a likable poppy feel, “I Feel Bad,” gives you the back story on Barger without getting too serious or tedious while “Junkie” is mid tempo with vocals that blend nicely together and an understated organ solo. With an intro reminiscent to The Beatles’ “I Want You (She’s So Heavy),” “Selfish Sadness” is slower with a sultry side. About the birth of his daughter, “Grain of Sand” returns to guitar pop and occasional falsetto shrills a la John or Julian while “Never Be The Same” is a poppy and memorable shuffle. On the quieter and whimsical “Look At Me” Barger wants “you to know your daddy still cares” and, on “Embrace,” that “love will set you free.” Showing a more aggressive side, Barger ponders religion on the memorable “The Crutch of Every Fool”: “I was Jesus, the Beatle John/I lost myself, I lost it all/Everything I thought I was, underneath the weight of my lies.” “Who I was is gone – now it’s in a song,” Barger declares on the quick paced and poppy “In A Song.” The album’s stand out track, unquestionably, is the lovely guitar led ballad “ICU In Dandylions” about Barger’s daughter. With a final Beatles inspired intro, “U Won’t Believe” leaves the album on an upbeat and poppy introspective moment. Although much of “ICU In Dandylions” is personal, Brokenness are able to transfer something to the listener, making you feel like you have left your listening experience with a few words of wisdom or, at the very least, a catchy melody to whistle. With just enough edge to their poppy guitar rock, the album is full of serious songs that are not serious at all in the way they were written and performed. Brokenness has imparted “ICU In Dandylions” with fun and endearing qualities.

- Plug In Music


Full Length CD: ICU In Dandylions
{Available on request for airplay or review}

Full Length CD: Don't Mess With The Pretty
{Available on request for airplay or review}


Song: The Crutch Of Every Fool
CD: Oasis Rock & Roots #18

Song:I Feel Bad
CD: BIE Records "Mixed Up"
Mixed Rock Compilation #0921

Song: Give 'Em Love
CD:The Softer Side Of Rock

Song: Rthymn Of The Angels
CD:Buzz Songs Vol. 1

Song: The Ocean Makes Her Cry
CD: The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 11

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Regan Lane is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter, father,husband and recovering addict who releases critically acclaimed full band pop-rock CD's that seamlessly blend power pop and shimmering acoustic pop into an eclectic mix of intelligent catchy songs that stick in your head like bubblegum on a hot day.
He’s also a charismatic and inspirational live performer and a VJ for 'Puget Sounds TV', a northwest video show featuring local and national music performers from various genres.

Regan's had placement and airplay of his heartfelt pop/rock songs on numerous TV shows throught the US.
His jubilant pop song 'U Won't Believe' was heard on NBC's "Race across America" and is also the theme song for "Puget Sounds TV", a northwest TV show featuring local and national indie artists.
Regan's Lennon-esque song 'The Ocean Makes Her Cry' was recently played on The Discovery Channels' "Strictly Sex With Dr. Drew: Am I Normal?" and the driving pop tune 'In A Song' was used for "Young Scientist Challenge".

The pop gem 'Junkie' was heard on a recent Johnny Knoxville's MTV special and MTV also used songs for "Made" and "Home Blitz Habitat For Humanity".
And finally Anthony Bourdain and the Travel Channel have featued tunes and VH1 has used Regan's song "Look At Me" on their hit show 'Breaking Bonaduce'. awarded the title cut from his new CD "Don't Mess With The Pretty" Power Pop "Track of the Day" on July 10th,2006 and the song also recieved awards for Best Male Vocals in Power Pop, Best Guitars in Power Pop,Best Drums in Power Pop, Best Bass in Power Pop, Best Keyboards in Power Pop,Best Production in Power Pop,Best Lyrics in Power Pop, Best Melody in Power Pop, Best Beat in Power Pop,Best Mood in Power Pop, Most Original in Power Pop and Most Rocking Track in Power Pop during that week!

Regan has also taken home the prestigious
RadioIndy.Com ‘Songwriter Of The Year’award for 2004 and two of his compositions won the world wide Compo10 songwriting contest, as voted on by his songwriting peers from around the world.

Writing pure pop delicacies in the classic tradition of bands and artists such as John Lennon, XTC or Michael Penn,Regan's confessional, often inspirationally dark lyrics and sugar sweet pop melodies have touched a nerve in both fans and critics alike. ‘ICU In Dandylions’, recorded with his former band BrokenNess, was voted one of the top 50 CD releases for 2003 on Kweevak .com, one of the most influential independent music sites on the web. Regan also has been a featured artist on numerous websites throughout the world; has had 7 songs added to compilation cd's globally, and has received rave reviews from fans and critics around the world with airplay in such faraway places as the United Kingdom, Australia and Germany.

In 2006, a new chapter in Regan Lane's story begins, with the release of his first solo CD, Don't Mess With The Pretty.

From the opening blast of energy on the power pop rockin’ title cut to the electronic pulse of the Bowie-esque final song ‘Earth Boy’ Regan Lane’s ‘Don't Mess With The Pretty’ is an eclectic, ambitious collection of intelligent pop and rock.

Seamlessly mixing crunchy guitars, country tinged pedal steel, bluesy harmonica and shiny strumming acoustics with a rhythm section as elastic as a rubber band Regan‘s crafty pop evokes memories of John Lennon and talks about tryin to fit in and still be an individual, how fast it all goes by, good days and bad days and of course a little sex, lust and love.

Modern and nostalgic, soft and hard, fast and slow, Regan Lanes’ ‘Don’t Mess with the Pretty’ is a delightful addition to the catalogue of great pop that continues to come out of the Pacific Northwest!


Power Pop "Track Of The Day" for 'Don't Mess With The Pretty' on

TV Placement: 'In A Song'/The Food Network/The Next Food Network Star #201-2006

TV Placement: 'Look At Me'/The Travel Channel/Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations{Miami}-2006

TV Placement: 'In A Song'/Discovery/Young Scientist Challenge-2006

TV Placement: 'The Ocean Makes Her Cry'/MTV/Made:Comedian-2006

TV Placement: 'The Ocean Makes Her Cry"/MTV/Made:Cheerleader-2006

TV Placement: 'Look At Me'/VH1/Breaking Bonaduce-2006

TV Placement: 'Embrace' and 'Crutch Of Every Fool' / MTV /Home Blitz/Habitat For Humanity-2006

TV Placement: "Junkie" played on MTV Special with Johnny Knoxville.-2006

TV Placement:'U Won't Believe' on NBC's "Race across America"-2005

TV Placement:'The Ocean Makes Her Cry' on The Discovery Channels' "Strictly Sex With Dr. Drew: Am I Normal?"-2005

RadioIndy. Com 2004 Singer-Songwriter Of The Year!

Two time winner in the Compo10 songwriting contest, voted on by Songwriters from around the world.

Wrote theme song ' U Won’t Believe Your Ears ' for local music show Puget Sounds TV {AT&T Cable_Ch.29/76_Wed 8pm/Sat.9:30pm} featuring northwest and natio