Regatta 69 INACTIVE

Regatta 69 INACTIVE

 Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Once upon a time Captain B. Hill and his band of musical pirates recovered a sunken treasure of caribbean records. Since that day the rowdy Regatta69-ship sails the seven seas, bringing their own and unique ska-reggae-rock styles to people all over the world!


What if music piracy finally made sense??

The rowdy REGATTA 69-Ship has set sails to conquer the world THE AIM IS THE WAY! Theres no looking back anymore, its going forward, and nothing can stop them! Captain Brian Hill from North Carolina (USA) has settled an international crew around him (Germany, France, UK, USA) and the smell of the Caribbean, rum and pure adventure is in the air wherever the wind may carry them. On board they hold the most precious treasures a Ska band can own the essences of amazing and original music: a box full of Ska, another one filled with Reggae, a case with Rock and a couple of powder kegs filled with Dub and Worldbeat - always being fired in the right moment. Of course there has to be a Lady on every pirate ship! Motha Nature gives you chills and goose bumps with her Rap-adventures she gets to every core of the cruel reality with her bittersweet voice.

REGATTA 69 has been sailing the seas since the days when Ska was only spread across the Ska-scene-underground. Times were rough and tough, but the Captain and his crew would not be the determined and experienced pirates they are today, if they had not fought every battle and overcome any mutiny! On their minds always the stage! They tour under every condition as long as the audience is dancing! USA, Europe or South Africa every harbor gets occupied, every city taken! REGATTA 69 has played more than 1500 concerts over the last years!


Regatta 69 (1992)
Fat-Free (1995)
Primetime (MOONSKA NYC, 1997)
SKAttered Smothered Covered (1999)
Captured Live (2000)
Primetime (MOONSKA EUROPE 2000)
Honor My Offer (Meuterei Berlin, 2004)
The Aim Is The way (EchoMix records + √úbersee records, 2007)