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Regatta 69 has 11 releases available!

The latest - THE AIM IS THE WAY CD / Download is a journey through the Seven Seas of Ska. The album is as multifaceted as the band itself. Every song has its own history, but together they form a unique adventure that stands out from the masses of today’s uniformed CDs. With this band, the path is their goal – THE AIM IS THE WAY!



REGATTA 69 has been sailing the seas since the days when Ska was only spread across the underground. Times were rough and tough, the determined crew fought every battle and overcame mutiny time and time again! Captain Brian Hill from North Carolina (USA) has now settled an international crew around him (Germany, France, UK, USA). The smell of the Caribbean rum and pure adventure is in the air when they hit the stage... wherever the wind may carry them. On board they hold the most precious treasures a Ska band can own, a treasure chest of Ska, Reggae, ammunition of Rock and a couple of powder kegs filled with Dub and Worldbeat - always being fired in the right moment. On their minds – always the stage! They tour under every condition as long as the audience is dancing! USA, Europe, South Africa and beyond – every harbor gets pillaged, every city won-over! REGATTA 69 has played more than 1500 concerts in 42 states and 16 countries, onward, forward they will go!