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My book is lyric content on positive rap and gospel rap, It also contains a documentary of parts of my walk with GOD


mostly educational, and to input a choice for the rap industry & its listners, I started out writing what they called hip-hop or gangster rap until I got a dose of that life, I can truly say my religion inspired my material.


The Hip Hop Book

Written By: REGEL/ Patrick Queen

My recent experience has help me to understand the value of life I'm glad to offer this material to one's to enjoy and enjoy laughter and the other side of hip-hop -- From the "Rap Dictionary" Now intensify, now enforce now the know the voice the choice. High-rise, low-tide, midway PAYDAY. Rap-slip form, race for the pace full of taste. Deep rooted, booted whack rhymes looted, Lyrics bid, lyrics done MY lyrics WON. Shah of Rap, King of skill Prince of paining lyrics steady raining, poetry to your brain & YEAH !!!! POSITIVERAPEIGN, Educational Rap, Gospel Rap's sting. Hinder hamper, the damper MY rhymes from a chamber. Lyrical content meant to get you spent to get you bent, C-U-AKA------REGEL/the PRR/pbq


the late' 80's a demo of different techniques on tape , since have decided to change from the ordinary

Set List

to many to give all , short book of " the rap dictionary" & the short single material of " I-can" & " Pressure", I also took studio pictures and do alot of my own artwork the reverse of my book was done by me.