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Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | SELF | AFM

Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2017
Solo R&B Soul




"Reggie Becton Guides Us Through a Smooth Storm With “Raining In LA”"

Maryland native and Los Angeles resident Reggie Becton dropped a new single titled “Rainin In LA.” The production is driven by smooth acoustics from the creative geniuses of Marco “Essentials” Tornillo and Aidan “Maestro” Carroll. Reggie delivers a mesmerizing ballad in which he reflects on experiencing love at first sight. Reggie had some words describing influences for the song; he pays homage to a fellow R&B artist and legend.

“It’s inspired by one of the most classic and famous lyrics in the world of R&B: ‘It never rains in Southern California,’ written by one of my favorite 90’s R&B songwriters, Raphael Saadiq,” Becton says about his inspiration for the single. “Most people, including myself, move to LA for the 24/7 sunshine but after living here for three years, I realized it does actually rain in southern California and quite a lot.”

On the track, Becton’s vocal prowess is similar to Saadiq and other 90s R&B artist. He combines this with sultry, modern production, and a single which capture the essence of reflection is born. It’s a journey from beginning to end in which he uses a rainy day to illustrate the love he felt for a woman.

“On the night Rainin in LA was written, I was about to wrap up a studio session around 4 am. I just remember looking out of the window, seeing it was still pouring down rain. Then I started thinking about this amazing girl I met at an art show the night before,” Becton stated on the curation of the single and what went through his mind.

However, similar to rain, it goes away. At the end of the song, he realizes that the love he felt for her cannot be kept and he has to move on. An interesting take on long distance relationships, as it was a metaphor to him having to take a three hour commute to even see her. In his words, “It would’ve lost its magic.”

Nonetheless, Reggie was able to encapsulate his relatable experience with “the one that got away.” Becton’s gift to curate a vocal pleasing experience for the ears by taking his pain and making a great song is always welcomed! In celebration of his 25th journey around the sun, “Rainin In LA” is a prelude to his highly anticipated forthcoming EP. It’s safe to say, with this single, he’s off to a great start. - SINGERSROOM

"Reggie Becton looks to inform us that it's always "Rainin in LA""

R&B has returned and is continuing to hold it down. From artists like Lucky Daye, Arin Ray, and SiR to Kehlani, Baby Rose, Syd to name a few; r&b is in good hands. Maryland-bred, LA-based singer Reggie Becton is looking to be added to the list of artists carrying the torch for rhythm and blues. If his new single "Rainin in LA" is any indication, there are no questions that he is surely one to watch.

"Rainin in LA", produced by Marco Tornillo and Aidan Carroll, is a stripped-back cut that features a prominent electric guitar. As the song progresses, it steadily builds. Upon entering the 4-minute mark, the electric guitar is met with synth keys and bass creating a beautiful way to take this soulful tune out.

Becton's voice and songwriting truly shines through from start to finish. His raw, soul-infused tone gives you that classic R&B vibe that is so cherished. Inspired by the multi-talented Raphael Saadiq, "Rainin in LA" was written after an almost love at first sight encounter Reggie had the day before the song was recorded. "Rainin in LA" is featured on Becton's forthcoming EP set to release in the fall.
Stream/download "Rainin in LA" HERE.

Connect with Reggie Becton: Website | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube - Earmilk

"Reggie Becton – Rainin In LA"

We have an exciting new talent to be sharing on the Fashionably Early pages. Reggie Becton is a Maryland raised, LA based R&B artist who has a striking single on his hands with ‘Rainin In LA’. The song features some really intriguing acoustic-driven production but Reggie’s soulful vocals are the real highlight here. He’s got a star ready voice and with his 25 EP due out in the near future, we have some more material to look forward to.

Stream ‘Rainin In LA’ below. - Fashionably Early

"Take a Listen to Maryland Native, Reggie Becton’s “Rainin’ in LA”"

The state of R&B is solid and only growing stronger, much like the music scene in D.C., MD, VA (DMV). Adding more strength, to both scenes, is Reggie Becton.

Reggie Becton’s latest track, “Rainin’ in LA” is backed by the laddering, but well done production of Marco Tornillo and Aidan Carroll. The production grows as Reggie stretches his vocal range. As you listen, you can feel the progression; it’s a true appreciation of music.

The song is shaped from Tony Toni! Toné!’s “It Never Rains (In Southern California), written by Raphael Saadiq, as well as experiencing love at first sight.

Later this fall, the P.G. County native will be sharing his debut EP. In the meantime, have a listen to “Rainin’ in LA. - bluntiq

"Reggie Becton shares Raphael Saadiq-Inspired, Love Song, "Rainin in LA""

Hailing from PG County, Maryland, now residing in Los Angeles, R&B artist, Reggie Becton, shares his new single, "Rainin In LA." With chill, acoustic-driven production courtesy of Marco “essentials” Tornillo and Aidan “maestro” Carroll, Reggie delivers a mesmerizing ballad, as he reflects on experiencing love at first sight. - Broke2Dope

"Art & Life with Reggie Becton"

Today we’d like to introduce you to Reggie Becton.

Reggie, please kick things off for us by telling us about yourself and your journey so far.
Where do I begin? I was born in San Diego but raised in PG County Maryland, which is right outside of Washington, D.C. Like most artists, I feel like I’ve been singing my whole life. However, I can remember trying my hand at making my own music around the age of 13.

After a couple of years of working on my confidence and honing my skills while discovering the sounds of artists like Marvin Gaye, Prince, Avant, and Brandy, I wrote a song that led to me signing a development deal with a small independent label in D.C. While there I was mentored by musicians who have written for some of the top voices in R&B, and that helped me develop my skills as a songwriter.

Unfortunately, while I was in college at Temple University located in Philadelphia, PA, the label began to dissolve, and I was back on my own this time looking to develop my personal sound as an artist.

After graduating, I decided to leave Philly. I hopped on a plane with a dollar, a dream, and an air mattress, and set out to the great LA. Being born in San Diego has made me always feel drawn to California and watching reruns of Saved by the Bell: The College Years each morning before school grew my desire to move at a very early age.

Six months into my time in LA, I released my first mixtape titled Timing. I recorded the project while sharing a one-bedroom Airbnb with two close friends. A year and a half later I released my debut EP, Phases. Both projects were self-funded and self-released, and to this day I remain an independent artist.

Since moving to LA, I have earned the opportunity to meet with A&Rs, open for artists like UK soul singer Daley, speak on industry panels, and participate in writing sessions hosted by major labels like Atlantic Records. Currently, I am working on the follow-up to Phases due out later this year.

Can you give our readers some background on your art?
I would consider my art to be storytelling. My medium of choice is music. My tools are my voice and sound design. I allow my voice to be my biggest instrument and inspiration; in doing so, my projects have become a depiction of my life told through the lens of my experiences at that time. With each full-length project I release, there is a broader message I am trying to covey, a lesson I plan to teach, or an idea I hope to foster. With each of my projects, I hope listeners take away something that can help them get through any situation they are currently going through. Music is a true form of therapy, and I hope my music can be that peace people often search for through sound.

Artists rarely, if ever pursue art for the money. Nonetheless, we all have bills and responsibilities, and many aspiring artists are discouraged from pursuing art due to financial reasons. Any advice or thoughts you’d like to share with prospective artists?
My advice for those struggling to focus on their artwork due to financial concerns is to:

Find the balance. Find a job or a source of income that is easy to maintain or that connects to your overall end game or supplements an expense in your life. For instance, if you are spending a great deal of your income on food get a job at a grocery store or as a server; working for a food company normally means free food or a discounted price. If you are struggling with time, get a job that allows you to set your own schedule or has more flexibility like Lyft or substitute teaching that way you can spend more time on your craft.

Find passionate people to build with and who are willing to help you create the art you envision for free or at a low rate. Many of the people I work with are raw, upcoming talent and creative individuals who are very passionate about making music. They’re not in a space where their passions match their reality yet, so they’re willing to work for free or at a discounted rate. Perfect example – one of my really great friends always had the vision to develop a web series, but he always lacked the financial capacity. Through grassroots methods and finding likeminded passionate people, he developed an entire web series with the help of over 60 individuals who each contributed their time for free. Contrary to popular belief, people will work for free when provided an opportunity to work on something they believe in – even in LA.

Find joy in your current struggle. Even in the midst of chaos, there is beauty. Life is nothing, but constant change and adaptation to the decisions you choose to make, which means that you might not always like your circumstances or your choices. However, find joy in the fact that you’re still able to work on your craft and chase your dreams. You’re still able to turn your passion into reality. One thing that helps me stay rooted is the idea that despite my circumstances I have to keep pushing. A quote I live by comes from Joe Budden: “create through it.”

There is beauty in the sleepless nights and the days that feel like they’ll never end. The journey is the best part. Once you’re able to find joy in the hard work, you’ll begin to notice that the omens and signs of everyday life keep you aligned.

It’s all temporary but the lesson to be learned is forever!

What’s the best way for someone to check out your work and provide support?
My music can be heard on all major streaming platforms: Apple Music, Tidal, SoundCloud, and Spotify. Additionally, I have a few upcoming live performances at The Iron Triangle on June 11th and at an upcoming festival in May that I am really excited about but can’t announce just yet. You can find more information and stay up to date on my performance schedule through my official website: You can also stay up to date on releases by subscribing to my YouTube channel Sireginald.

If you’re interested in supporting me and my artistry, of course, you can stream and download my EP Phases, as well as taking time out to come to a show or buying some official ‘Reggie Becton’ merch But, also just showing genuine love. Share your favorite track with a friend or a family member. Give me a shout out on Twitter. I love to interact with my fans, new and old, so also please follow me on all social media platforms at @ReggieBecton and hit me up! - Voyage LA

"Premiere: The Feels By Reggie Becton, Shines Light On R&B"

This week we’ve been blessed with an awesome new track to premiere from Maryland’s very own, R&B songwriter and singer, Reggie Becton. The Feels by Reggie Becton is a release from his highly anticipated, Phases EP. On this track, Becton shares his thoughts on how feelings can sometimes get in the way of making the best decisions when it comes to love in life.

As with any good R&B track, it features a smooth instrumental with Becton going off about how men and women can side differently when in a relationship that can sometimes lead to go nowhere. Press play and enjoy. Be sure to follow all things Reggie Becton at the links below as he will be releasing his Phases EP later this month on October 31. - Stereochampions

"SoulBounce Exclusive: Sireginald Escapes His Pain By Cruising Down The ‘River"

For most people around the world, today is simply April 20th. However, for stoners around the world, today is 4/20, the international holiday that celebrates all things marijuana-related. While those who do partake have their reasons for their devotion to bud, it'd be a safe bet that many turn to the sticky-icky as a means of coping with heartbreak. That's exactly what drives singer Sireginald to rely on his vices on his new song, "River," which is world premiering today right here in these SoulBounce streets.On the ALONEATHOME-produced single, Sireginald is lamenting a love gone awry and trying to dull the pain with drinking and drugs. Falling for the wrong one can definitely take its toll and as we can see here, this Maryland-native is going through it. Whoever this lady is, she left a trail of destruction in her wake that's evident on the hook as Sireginald sings, "She told me get close and not to worry enjoy the moment / She opened my eyes / I was on the ride but she ran me over / Never once gave me closure / Now I hate being sober." His pain is palpable as he rattles of the laundry list of means he uses to cope.He also pays homage to singer Usher with the hook, "She makes me want to pop a pill and s**t / Roll a spliff / Take a hit / Just to forget you," which he sings in the cadence of Raymond's classic hit, "You Make Me Wanna." Releasing the song on weed's unofficial holiday isn't by accident for Sireginald, who admits he is targeting this demo intentionally. "'River' is a song that every stoner needs on their playlist, but are too prideful or 'high' to admit it," he tells SoulBounce."River" is the second single to be released by the singer formerly known simply as Reggie and comes ahead of his second EP, Phases, which is set to drop sometime this year. After leaving the East Coast for L.A., things have been moving at a rapid pace for Sireginald, who counts Marvin Gaye, Brandy, Prince, Avant and Tank among his inspirations. He wrote and recorded his debut EP, Timing, in the one-bedroom AirBnb he shared with two close friends. His series of cover songs caught the attention of the likes of Marsha Ambrosius and Dru Hill, while also landing him a chance to be showcased by COLORS Worldwide.Whether you celebrate 4/20 or not, take "River" for a spin and see if it doesn't make you contemplate the many ways heartache can affect us. Also, check out his past works via SoundCloud to take a toke of what this 24-year-old talent has to offer. - SoulBounce

"Reggie - Love & Other Drugs ft. Shah Infinite"

Artist: Reggie
Track: Love & Other Drugs
Producer: Afrokeys Beats
Album: Timing - DJBooth

"Reggie Becton - SZA "The Weekend" | COVER LOVERS"

R&B ONLY Presents: COVER LOVERS | Episode 1

Reggie Becton covers SZA's “The Weekend”

Check out this male perspective on SZA’s classic - Colors Worldwide R&B Only

"Reggie Reimagines The Weekend"

Reggie Becton, DMV native, recently impressed social media with an impressive acoustic cover series featuring some gems by Sza, Jodeci, H.E.R, and Childish Gambino, to name a few. - DTLR Lifestyle


Reggie Becton is making his ELEVATOR debut today with his marvelous single “Rainin’ in LA” that captivated me from Becton’s first note. First and foremost, the Maryland artist has an absolutely marvelous voice. Every word out of his mouth is like pure velvet and he changes pitch and tone effortlessly, making for an exciting listen from front to back. The production is solid and pairs well with Reggie’s voice and at several points the gentle twang of the guitar rang out and was a very enjoyable bit in a somewhat standard instrumental. I love this song and think you will too. - ELEVATOR


Forget 2 Fall - 2017 Single
Phases: A Conceptual EP - 2018 EP



Reggie Becton is a breath of fresh air, with a hint of something smooth lingering from the past that you truly miss when compared to the trap-infused R&B of today. The MD native discovered the sounds of Marvin Gaye, Prince, Avant, Brandy and Tank at the young age of 17 and since then has worked with and been mentored by musicians who have written for some of the top voices in R&B, allowing him to develop a sound that is a unique fusion of classic R&B and new wave soul. In 2017, Reggie moved to LA with a dollar, a dream, and an air mattress and began to craft his Debut EP, "Phases: A Conceptual EP". Fresh of the release of 'Phases', Reggie is preparing for a groundbreaking year in 2019. When he is not performing or penning tracks for newly signed talent at major record labels. He is hard at work on his new EP, due out later this year.

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