Reggie B

Reggie B


Really good great stage performance very talented , play 6 different instraments vocally talented and gifted AWSOME!!!


THE BIG HIT!! Well Reggie B. is from a very small town of murfreesboro NC grew up trailer park of the carolinas moved to georgia when he relly began to get exposure.
struggling artist going through life day by day with the sounds and influences of teddy riley, ella fritzgerald, ryan leslie, many more he began writing at 12 singing at 6 and playing instraments at 7 this young 22 year prodigy is amazing the thing that makes him so uniqe is his stage and writing he really works it.
the ladys love him and he is just a mouth full too see his eyes light up on stage you can tell that he loves what he does he loves seeing people smile i would deffinitly want my kids to take notes from guy Amazing-


J girl
Its up to you
yes these too just recently relocated to miami so im still working

Set List

Pop and R &b