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Reggie G

 Dallas, Texas, USA
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Reggie G is a versatile MC coming from Dallas TX, inspired by the 90's era of rap/hip hop ready to make an impact with his rebel songs which are ear friendly enough for the radio with an appeal for the underdogs. His music can relate to anyone on all social levels.


Rapping has been a hobby and a career dream for Reggie G. When he was 18 in Grambling, La., he subscribed to what could be thought of as the typical rapper's philosophy.

Reggie G remembered something his mother told him. She said, "Why don't you get your degree out of the way and then you can do whatever you want?" That stuck. So the kid who found school easy because he quickly memorized everything moved to SMU in Dallas TX and began his undergraduate work.

"I grew up in an all-black town," he says. "And then I moved to Highland Park. Culture shock."

He learned to assimilate into the educational system. But rapping never left his life. He continued to do it, releasing three CDs and two mix tapes. Education, however, changed his rhymes.

"I went from rapping about what everybody wanted to hear, to rapping about what I wanted to hear. I became more focused. All of my music is different," he says. "I'm an artist. I wake up in the morning and if I don't feel like taking a shower, instead writing a rap about the basketball game I saw last night. Or the girl I saw. Or making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I got peanut-butter-and- jelly-sandwich songs. I'm moody and mood is music. It's everyday."

Reggie wants success, the big national kind that made Jay-Z a superstar.

Reggie G wants his music to connect with every hip-hop fan, and those who don't normally listen to hip-hop. He wants them to hear the words of a guy who feels passion for music, for education and for life. If his nonstereotypical existence is an uphill battle, so be it.

"I'm motivated by challenges, accomplishments."
"The degrees are accomplishments. I'm always trying to set goals for myself. I love music. I might be doing rapping for the rest of my life, or I might not. Right now at this point in my life it brings me a lot of pleasure. That's what I like to do."Plan your life


Money Never Sleeps

Written By: Reggie G

Money Never Sleeps
(Greed is Good)
Verse 1:
My president is black, my money is still green; not an educated thug
With a mug looking mean; I fiend for the dream, American it seems
Taking shots from a balcony to call myself a King
Can’t make it out the ghetto with an echo in my jeans
Cause successful turned me to Gordon Gekko with bling
People looking for a hero, I’m looking for a kilo
I can’t afford a cape when the interest rate is zero
Bout to turn to evil, but that’s not the answer
Just trying to get my money right before I die of cancer
You want to talk trade; you want to talk investments
You want to talk short run or long run presidents
How you want to measure it? Euros or pounds
The dollar’s going down and my broker’s out of town
So prices going up; inflation got me fucked
Cigars I import just went up another buck
So how can I complain, tell me who to blame
The man in the mirror with his 6’4 frame
That’s why you have a brain; but ain’t no use in crying
Cause all people want to know is who in the hell’s buying (so who’s buying)

Money never sleeps; I can hear the dollar calling me
Money never sleeps; I can hear the dollar calling me
Money never sleeps; I can hear the dollar calling me
Money never sleeps; money never sleeps
(Greed is Good)

Verse 2:
Supply for demand; demand for supplying
From what I understand now even numbers be lying
So what’s the use of trying; if life’s not getting better
This is a new era so I got my shit together
Now I’m wheeling and I’m dealing, trying to make a killing
All I wanted was a million but the greed took my feelings
I picked the brains of the guys making billions that I peeped
I can smell the bullshit on his breath when he speaks
Read the greed in his eyes and the smell that it reeks
And he still talks cheap with his porcelain teeth; now I’m ready to compete
Throw the money in the laundry, Mad off with the cash feel the wrath of my ponzi
In case I don’t make it to the land of milk and honey spend my riches on some bitches
On a beach hot and sunny; Money never sleeps I can hear the dollar calling me
Drinking got me thinking Ben Franklin’s trying to talk to me.

Verse 3:
You work hard trying to fit in; hoping they’ll accept you
Seeing in the end, that they don’t even respect you
Let you, get you; up inside the circle
The in-crowd has been wild, get in and they’ll hurt you
Love ain’t universal; they use it for commercial
Even in Family Matters they’ll treat you like you’re Urkel
But that’s just a setback; watch me make a comeback
Got a big brain to match the size of my nut sack
America they love that; to see how you respond
Rob you quicker with a pen than a nigga with a gun
Hustling’s not easy but it is a lot of fun
I ain’t fighting over crumbs in the city that I run
I feed large sums, already paid my dues
You can trace my footprints but can’t walk in my shoes
Serious about my money you can see my attitude
The changes in my mood go nuts like cashews
Mess around and get abused; don’t want to see me pissed
Add these ivory league pricks right onto my shit list
And treat you like a chump and use you like a punk
I don’t do favors and I don’t do lunch now I’m back up on
The hunt!!



All Caught Up 2000
Mastaminds 2001
Swisher Sweet(Single) - Independent Charts- Movie "Wash It Up" 2003
No Dope (single)
I Stay On It featuring Chamillionaire 2010- Rhythmic Charts #307, Independent Charts #68, Billboard 200, ABC "The Forgotten" tv episode Dear John
Whatever Kind You Like 2010- CBS CSI- episode Internal Combustion
Illegal 2011- NBC Chase- episode Man at the Altar
Reggie Who?(album) four placements on national tv shows, one single charted on Rhythmic charts
Money Never Sleeps- Wall Street Money Never Sleeps movie- FOX films 2011
Do What you Like featuring Devin the Dude 2012

Set List

Swisher Sweet
I Stay On It
Breakfast in La Dinner in Miami
You're No Good

Sets can last from 15 - 45 mins and often feature unreleased new music, freestyles and medleys. Radio friendly version of set also available. Sets can always be performed with a full band or just a DJ depending on the needs of the venue and gig.