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Reggie Ginn

Sacramento, California, United States | SELF

Sacramento, California, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Adult Contemporary




"Sounds of heart and soul: Reggie Ginn"

“I sing from my soul,” she said. “What inspires my songwriting is the hardships of life, whether it be heartache, or lacking in something, or losing something.” - The Collegian Newspaper

"Sweet Release"

"Ginn has claimed herself as an indie alternative rocker, released two albums, performed on Good Day Sacramento, won a Modesto Area Music Award for best unplugged artist, and was nominated for a 2011 Sammie award for best singer/songwriter. " - Submerge Magazine

"Gigging For the Weekend"

"Performing straightforward rock—drums, guitar, bass, keys, vox—well is an endangered craft. Ginn’s new full band, however, does great work with the stripped-down rock tracks from her new album, Passion In Perspective. The classic rock moments mesh nicely with the tempered modern-rock flair, but it’s the slower, softer ballads, such as “Swan Song,” that beg for a second listen." - Sacramento News and Review Magazine

"Reggie Ginn sings on The Kelps debut album"

"...she has a great voice, a great, powerful voice. She nailed it."

- Submerge Magazine

"Artist Profile"

About Reggie Ginn

REGGIE GINN The poet John Keats once wrote about the miracle of melancholia, the idea that only by experiencing sorrow can a person know true joy. That idea – the “fertility of pain” – is what makes the music of Sacramento area recording artist REGGIE GINN so impactful. Her songs are woven a defiant hopefulness, the sound of a life without fear or despair, where her listeners can look their pain in the eyes with the knowledge that healing and happiness are around the corner. “It is amazing to be able to give a listener a song that makes them not feel alone, or that helps word their dilemma in a way that they never could. I suppose in a way I am an interpreter for those lost in an unexplainable struggle,” REGGIE says of her role as a songwriter. “I am proud of my work in that it can comfort those who are aching.” Overtop sparse, plaintively gorgeous piano melodies, GINN explores themes of love, loss, heartache and, ultimately, joy. Her songs are confessional and drenched in conviction, like those of early influences SILVERCHAIR, OURS, STINA NORDENSTAM and COUNTING CROWS. Steering the whole ship is REGGIE’S dynamic, evocative voice, which soars and swoons in tandem with GINN’S unbridled emotions. She can be as bombastic as EVANESCENCE 'S Amy Lee, as haunting as PORTISHEAD’S Beth Gibbons and as crystalline as IMOGEN HEAP – sometimes all within the same song. “It is all about making the listener feel what you’re singing,” REGGIE says of her emotive music. “My music is a therapy for me to get out the feelings and emotions that plague my mind. It does hit people very close to home much of the time.” GINN has been singing since essentially the day she was born. By high school, she was singing in the All State Honor Choir and performing around the world, from the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris to the Saint Mark's Cathedral in Venice. But it wasn’t until her junior year of high school that she felt the undeniable tug to share her own music with others, to make a personal connection. There was the roadblock, however, that she didn’t know how to play any instrument. She couldn’t very well perform all of her shows a cappella. To that end: one eBay auction later, her first keyboard was en route to her house. Over the following months, GINN taught herself how to play piano, along the way working her poetry into her musical meanderings to form what would be her first complete original songs. At the end of her senior year of high school, she made her public debut to great acclaim from her peers. Five years later, GINN has made her mark at world-famous venues like The Viper Room and The Derby and has done in-studio interviews and performances at radio stations like L.A.’s revered Indie 103.1. REGGIE is currently at work on her much-anticipated next batch of songs, a series that finds her not only experimenting with alternate instrumentation, but exploring new lyrical themes as well – all the more for her listeners to connect with. “It is definitely not an easy ride,” GINN says of the process. “My songs are my soul.” As Marvin Gaye once said, “Great artists suffer for the people.” But even if it means REGGIE has to mine her personal life for more bits of what she calls “discontentment personified,” it will never be in vain. In the end, the miracle of melancholia always wins.


Reggie Ginn (self-titled), Sing For The Voiceless, Kiss Me or Kill Me (single), Passion In Perspective



Reggie Ginn is a powerful indie musician. Her rich voice sets her apart from others and her ability to carry her own original music while performing behind her keyboard catches the audience from the start. Ginn's theatrics in her music was most likely rooted from her early childhood days of listening to musicals such as Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera. While growing up, she went through musical phases and listened to most every genre one could imagine. It wasn't until she was in high school that she went to her first rock show in San Francisco and knew she needed to be performing live. Senior year in high school she taught herself piano and performed her first show while also performing at regional, all-state, and a national honor choir concerts. Since that first solo show, she has produced three albums and managed to be a touring and well established do-it-yourself musician. She has the ability to hypnotize the audience solo with her keyboard or rock the crowd along with a backing band. Her favorite thing to do is perform for an appreciative audience who wants to hear her heart sing.