Reggie P.

Reggie P.


Known as the "Prince and Bad boy of Southern Soul," Reggie P.'s deep, raw and tantalizing vocals has taken the south by storm.


Earning his "Prince and Badd boy of Southern Soul" reputation through his raw vocals, hard image and at times outlandish persona, Reggie P's soulfully crafted recordings and smoldering live performances has ignited a blaze in the south, and unfortunately for some, there's not an extinguisher in sight.
Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, home of the historical Beale Street and Stax Records, where many nationally acclaimed artists such as Isaac Hayes, and Otis Redding revolutionized the music industry; Reggie P. is no amateur to the music scene. Discovered by and a former member of the very well known and loved funk group, The Bar Kays, Reggie has performed alongside and opened for such headliners as Mel Waiters, Tyrone Davis, The Isley Brothers, The O'Jays, R. Kelly, and countless others.
Debuting his long awaited album, "Why Me?" Reggie P. gives you a V.I.P. invitation into his heart, mind, and soul, and bedroom... Combining the heartfelt lyrics and swaying melodies of his love ballads such as "Hold On", and "Ready To Accept" with his intensifying display of verbal foreplay and love making in "Come On Girl", Reggie P. is not afraid to show his sensitive nature; one of the many qualities that has left the ladies of the south mesmerized. Don't worry, Fella's... Reggie didn't forget about you. Reggie P.'s "Soul Steppin'" will have you stepping for weeks. This funky groove along with "Drop That Thang" will definitely have you setting a blaze on the dance floor.
With an array of outstanding musical talent, Reggie P. has proven that he is more than qualified to carry the title, "The Prince and Badd Boy of Southern Soul"!


Reggie P. - The Prince and Badd Boy of Southern Soul "Why Me" (Allison Records)

Currently receiving radio airplay in Florida, North and South Carolina, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, Kentucky, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, and Tennesse.