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- Lyrical High (LP CD - 2002)
- Out 2 Nite (CD Single - 2003) Also licensed in Japan
- Beyond The Surface (LP CD - 2005)

Reggie's single "Nasty" is currently get 200+ spins a week on national radio and will be moving to medium and large markets during the month of March 2005

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Raised by a single mother in the Woodworth Holmes Projects of Spartanburg, South Carolina, Reggie Rocc, born Reginald Lammar Jones has developed his talent through obstacles that some would consider unbearable. With his father incarcerated into the system and the bills never stopping at home, Reggie confronted his obstacles by working 2nd shift at a local restaurant while attending high school. He had no other choice but to work long hard hours to support his family. Despite his long list of challenges, Reggie and his mother always made sure the family had food on their table and clothes on their backs. The will and determination shown to him, by his mother and her advice to "always strive for the best, no matter how difficult the journey," have influenced Reggie Rocc to become the artist he is today. Reggie discovered early that he wanted something much better for his family. He had a talent he could use to put an end to some of the problems they were experiencing. His talent was rapping.

Using his rhyming skills as a way to expose his genius to the world, he began his career in music at the age of ten by performing in local talent shows. He later joined the group, "BadBoyz," and continued developing his lyrical skills by free-styling in front of his peers and anyone else who was around when his gift decided to show its face. "I was never shy when it came to the rap game," he says. Reggie Rocc started his solo career in the streets of Spartanburg. The freestyle battles he engaged in began happening during breaks and lunches at his high school. Pre-occupied with his dreams of stardom, Reggie would often daydream and write lyrics in class for what he dreamed would be his first album. He was eventually confronted by one of his teachers who suggested that he move down to study with a “slow” group because he thought Reggie wasn’t smart enough for his class. Never taking these derogatory comments to heart, he continued to write and daydream. Later, he began performing in talent shows around the Carolinas. Even though Reggie had a definite talent, he never won any of the talent shows. This became very discouraging so he decided after a talent show in October of 2001; this would be his “last” public appearance and the end of his rap career.

This final talent show would prove to be the hot spot for Reggie Rocc's musical career when, after performing his rendition of HOVA by Jay-Z, Baifam Entertainment CEO, Jason Bailey, sent word that he wanted to discuss potential recording opportunities with the young lyricist. Discussions were held later that same night and a record deal for Reggie Rocc was solidified shortly thereafter. However, this was not the beginning of a big, bright rap career like most might think. Reggie and Baifam were forced to deal with many adversarial factors through his budding career. During the first several months signed to Baifam, Reggie endured three-hour round-trip drives to the studio in Charlotte, North Carolina just to record. Even at this pace, Reggie was able to maintain good grades while completing his first full-length album.

After releasing the album “Lyrical High” under the name “SPOKKEN”, Reggie knew his career was going to take off. However, the reality of the music industry brought a rude awakening and a great amount of disappointment. The album was not received very well by the industry or the public. Having hopes that this recording would make him a star, Reggie had to go back to square one. With the end of his high school career approaching and no money to go to college, Reggie had to take a 3rd shift job to make more money. Being a cook at a restaurant just wasn’t paying the bills. In addition, both Reggie and Baifam struggled to overcome many deaths and personal issues in their families while pursuing their dreams. He decided to go into hiding for a few years to re-evaluate his career and continue developing his writing and rhyming style.

For four years, Reggie has steadily jumped these types of hurdles to make his dream a reality. Now, at twenty years old, Reggie Rocc vocalizes his poetic street lyrics by combining Dirty South, EastCoast and WestCoast rap styles, thus creating a style all his own, the “South Coast” Sound. During his eventful career, Reggie Rocc has performed as the opening act for major artists such as B2K, Ying-Yang Twins and others. He has released records in the US and Japan, and also had singles that reached the Top 20 on College Music Journal's Hip-Hop charts. In addition, he has showcased at many national music conferences throughout the Southeast. Reggie has continued to stay connected to the community, amaze audiences, and impress the street and the commercial crowd with his lyrical skills and in-your-face performances at local nightclubs and regional venues.

With his upcoming album "Beyond The Surface", featuring his blazing new single “Nasty,” Reggie Rocc's track-lacing voice, combined with the speaker-crunching