Reggie Watts

Reggie Watts

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"Amazing and unlike anything you have ever seen. Unless you have seen a comedic stream of conscious Operatic Beat-Boxing Marvel. Then it's like that." – Eugene Mirman


Described as a sonic Salvador Dali, Reggie's music is all created live using layers of looped vocals and a mic and it comes out as varied as the subjects he's singing about. Incorporating hip-hop, trip-hop, 80's pop alternative, numetal and classical opera, no two songs are ever the same.

In 2005, Reggie was accepted to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where he won the annual Oy! Oy! Award, a prize given in honor of legendary British comic Malcolm Hardee to the performer whom Hardee would have named Best of Fringe.

In September of 2006, Reggie was awarded the Mayor's Arts Award in Seattle, WA at a ceremony that kicked off the 2006 Bumbershoot festival.

And in November of 2006, Watts received the prestigious Andy Kaufman award at the New York Comedy Festival. The Andy Kaufman Award is presented to the comedian that most encapsulates the originality, humor, courage and spirit of the late comic. Judges, including Kaufman's father Stanley, chose Reggie Watts as the act that "breaks the barriers of conventional stand-up comedy by evoking emotions from the audience that range from agitation to enlightenment."


Simplified (Solo Album)

Set List

One set lasts 1/2 hour to 1 hour and consists of improvised beat-boxing, original songs, and stand-up comedy.