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"She Wants Louis’s ‘Revenge’ – March 2007 Louis – Freak Show Revenge (Superphonic)"

They say that revenge is a dish best served cold, but if that's the case, surely "They" haven't heard the hot sounds of Louis Schefano. Schefano (now joining the likes of Madonna, Prince and Cher by recording under just the name Louis) used to beat the drums for Remy Zero and Little Red Rocket, but his forthcoming solo album proves he's as potent as front and center force. "Freak Show Revenge" showcases the percussion's metronome-like precision, but just when it starts to feel standard, meandering and fuzz-filled guitars fill in the ticking. Louis will take his Freak Show Revenge on the Superphonic Records label in April.

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"Louis – Freak Show Revenge (Superphonic)"

Louis Schefano's name might not ring a bell, but the man has played in at least one outfit you may recognize, whether its Regia, Little Red Rocket, or more likely, Remy Zero. On his first release as Louis, Schefano takes on a warm, fuzzy, laid back indie pop sound, one that fits in snugly alongside his previous projects, but with a dense, melancholy flair, and a great set of songs. The title track lazily plods with a sleepy melody, albeit a gorgeously fractured one, while "My Own Good" swaggers a bit more in its bluesy haze. "Your Disease" and "Ten Thousand Years" more crisply glimmer in their somber, soporific ways, sounding a bit like Canadian troubadour Hayden in their soft simplicity. It's cloudy day music from start to finish, but Louis' tunes have a warmth to them that can cure any oncoming seasonal affective disorder.

Feature Article by Jeff Terich
- Treble zine

"Louis – Freak Show Revenge EP"

Sinewy melodies stretch their legs out throughout this budding little indie pop sensation. ‘Freak Show Revenge’ is confident apartment rock with no sense of attitude or egomania. Instead it just floats from note to note, sincere lyric to cynical, and from tongue to cheek. If you’re an Elliott Smith, then this is your bag.

Album review by Jason Shawn
- Smother Magazine

"Regia: The Art of Navigation"

regia: louis schefano recorded the art of navigation during the late-1990s under the name regia. It's a bandname, but not really a band: schefano plays drums, guitars and keyboard with a revolving roster of bassists and back-up singers, including maria taylor. amazingly, these 12 tracks-- which were originally recorded as demos-- sound like a full trio playing live. schefano's drums alternate between quiet shuffling rhythms and tight funk beats, intermingling curiously with his mobius-strip guitar riffs and perfectly accompanying his understated vocals, thoughtful lyrics, and catchy choruses. schefano made a wise decision releasing the demo versions of these songs: the art of navigation is a near-perfect album of intimate pop music that is as melancholic and memorable as it is organic and spontaneous. -- - PitchforkMedia

"Regia/The Art of Navigation/spinART(CD)"

After time served with major-label-acts (Remy Zero, Little Red Rocket), Louis Schefano is finally making music he likes. With the assistance of Remy Zero's Shelby Tate, he has crafted a tasty assortment of timeless pop treats-- a synthesis of Beach Boys/Beatles era melody, drifting psychedelic jangle and an occasional, albeit bried, late-eighties New Zealand-style hook. Imagine a Finn Brothers/Andy Patridge collaboration (albeit one done on a shoestring budget), with occasional muttered suggestions from Syd Barrett. Warning: Joke Alert! I'm also obligated to mention that Robert (the Apples in Stereo) Schneider shared remix duties here, because we can't ignore any connection to TAIS, however small. Warning: Trite Conclusion Alert! If you like lazy, pastoral pop, chart a course to The Art of Nagivation. --gz - Splendid E-Zine


The Art of Navigation, spinART 1999
Freakshow Revenge EP, Superphonic Records 2007 (as Louis)



Regia is the creation of Birmingham, Alabama singer/songwriter Louis Schefano. Schefano began his music career as the original drummer in Remy Zero. At that time, he contributed to Sarah McLachlan’s Fumbling Toward Ecstasy and held several short stints as the drummer for Verbena and as drummer/co-writer in Little Red Rocket. He later ventured to work on his solo project releasing the Art of Navigation on spinART and more recently Freak Show Revenge on Superphonic Records.