Maple Ridge, British Columbia, CAN

We as a band love to rock. Whether it is as a group or with friends at parties, or family at gatherings. So long as music is involved we will be there. We bring all of our experiences and influences back to the band during our writing, practicing and gigging to provide a broader experience.


Influence is an all encompassing idea. Every situation in life whether good or bad provides influence, we have learned to understand this and use it to our advantage.

As a band we have been around for just over a year now, A few things have posed set backs; a member decided to go another direction, out of town work and hand related injuries. All of these obstacles had been overcome and we were left with our current line-up: Braden Goddard - Vocals, Cody Caines - Guitars, Kyle Bullen - Bass, Braden Wear - Drums.
We promptly got in touch with vogville records and cut a solid demo that we can (and are) proud of.
Our mission at this point in time is to enter the gigging circut and establish ourselves a respectable demographic.


To date we only have a three song demo recorded:
Black Mast
Cutting Room Floor
Pay No Mind
These three songs have been posted for your listening pleasure