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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



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September 23, 2004


(Findlay, Ohio) Hard Rock

If for nothing else, please take the time to check out Regiment's drummer. The guy's an octopus! It's no wonder that the rest of the band (all members born with only two arms) have composed Hard Rock songs resembling schizophrenic rants overlaying speed-driven guitar riffs. Everything comes together for an unyielding assault on the auditory system, pushing it to the brink of pleasant oblivion before recoiling into slow, ghostly and melodic sludge

- City Beat/Cincinnati Ohio


Regiment EP
Due out soon.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Regiment is proud of their affiliation with the Jagermeister Music Program
Regiment is composed of four die-hard metal musicians with a blue collar attitude. The guitarist (Ryan, pure raw energy on stage with the ability to share his raw emotion through his guitar) and the drummer (Matt, literally the heartbeat of the band, he has been touted as one of the best drummers in the Midwest) have been together through thick and thin. Kevin came to the band as the bassist, lending his rich lebonese heritage to the bass beat that blends harmoniously with the drums. The boys were looking for a unique individual with equally individual vocal talent. Regiment has gotten a new singer that brings a wealth of experience and talent to the band. Cory Johnson hails from the Chicago area and has had exposure to the music industry on the national level.
The band members hold day jobs in order to support the band. Funds go to recording demos, printing flyers, and making hundreds of phone calls to get the word out. They sell their CD's whenever and wherever they can. They travel to each venue in Matt's red van. It is more than a group of guys in a band; it is more a band of brothers. The main mission for these guys is to jam and get the word out. Recently, the band has taken to organizing "NO SHIT" bus trips for Regiment's out of town shows. They want the Regiment Army to have fun, enjoy the show and to get home safe. You haven't seen nothing if you haven't been on a Regiment Army NO SHIT Bus Trip!

Whether they become rock stars or not....they love to play music. Music comes naturally to them. Regiment makes a point of not sounding or acting like anyone. They do have, however, many influences across many genres of music such as Mozart, Bach, BB King, System of a Down, Pantera, Lynard Skynard, Goth and so many others. The band members come from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Michigan. Each member brings an individual talent that lends itself to a unique concoction that is the very element of Regiment.

Regiment has had the privilege of sharing the stage with Agatha Crawl, American Head Charge, Darwin's Waiting Room, Lamb of God, 18 Visions, Mushroomhead, Primer 55, Five Pointe O, Reveille, Kittie, Flaw, Factory 81, My Ruin, Seether, Sinch, Epidemic, Dope, Slytheryn, The Color Red, Mudvayne, Taproot, Depswa, ProPain, Biohazard, E Town Concrete, SuperJoint Ritual, Devil Driver, Sworn Enemy, Most Precious Blood, and Skinlab. We have had much success in our musical endeavors which have proven to be great life experiences.

Regiment has played venues up and down the I-75 corridor through Michigan, Ohio, and Florida. Regiment has played all over Ohio and into Pennsylvania and soon will overtake NYC. Our fan base has proven loyal and grows through each show.