Reginald May

Reginald May


A blend of old-school soul, jazz and blues, with some rock in the mix.


I've played Manhattan mainstays like the Cotton Club, The Bitter End and Le Bar Bat, and sung in choirs backing up Carole King on tour. I've been recording my own material since I was a kid.

I come from several generations of musical talent, on both sides of my family. One of my relatives was responsible for an early British band's first hit, and my dad has been in the NYC studio scene for decades.


Some of my early tracks are streaming on and I'm working on some new originals right now.

Set List

Covers are no problem, and I can play typical 3 set nights of about 10 or 12 songs each. I cover everything from George Benson ("This Masquerade", "On Broadway") to Santana ("Oye Como Va") to Whitesnake ("Is This Love") to B.B. King ("The Thrill Is Gone", "How Blue Can You Get") to Stevie Wonder (various).