Reginald Saffold

Reginald Saffold


Dynamic, energetic, awesomely talented singer/ lyricist. Well versed is several music genres. An extraordinary performer with a soul stirring vocal delivery. Reginald possesses vocal attributes rarely demonstrated by today's musical artist. A consummate vocal musician.


Raised in rural Ohio, it seemed that farming was to be his future. Fortunately, his destiny was altered when the gift of music began to develop within. Like so many African-American vocalists before him, he began singing in church. At an early age, his voice became a feature that set him apart from others. He sang extraordinarily and effortlessly. Once he reached puberty, he was given opportunities to really discover and develop his instrument. Additionally, he began to experiment with the art of song writing. He performed in churches throughout Ohio. While Gospel was his background, he soon discovered R&B and Classical Rock. This led to his introduction to Blues. While still in his early teens, He was featured in many music showcases throughout the Buckeye State which then propelled him into musical theater. There, he became disciplined by the, more technique embossed, style of classical music. His voice was able to further develope and take on extra characteristics and dynamics. Shortly after, Reginald moved to New York City to immerse himself in the artistic culture. Within months he became a sought after session vocalist. Soon he was performing regularly at such legendary HOT SPOTS; Honey Suckle West, The Bitter End, Upstairs At Green Street, The Village Gate, Nell’s and the list goes on. He has a 3 ½ octave range and a fluent command of a variety of genres – Gospel, R&B, Blues, Jazz, Classical and Rock. He has entertained audiences across the US and abroad. Among the well known venues he has been featured in are Ronnie Scott’s and 606 Club in London, England; Paradise Club in Papietee, Tahiti; Caesar’s Palace, NJPAC in New Jersey, and The Blue Note in NY just to name a few. In addition, he has shared a stage and performed with vocal DIVA LEGENDS Patti Labelle and Rachelle Farrell. His spirit and passion are undeniable when he sings. He is an artist very worthy of recognition and a voice that MUST be heard! !


Mary Jane

Written By: Reginald T. Saffold

Ooooh Aaaahhh
Cause on a good day
Everything goes your way
And on a better day
You don't even have to try

And on a bad day
You feel like your being used
And on a bad day
You feel like you're playing the fool
But not today
I'm gonna leave all problems and fly away
To a better place
Way up in the sky

We can run away
We can leave today
Wouldn't we all just like to get away
We can fly away
We can leave today
Wouldn't we all just like to get away

We can run away, we can run away
You and me up and leave together baby
We can fly away

It's a new day
Not thinking bout the price I paid
To look the other way
While my worries passed me by


Written By: Reginald T. Saffold

(Verse I)
Found you once again down on your knees
Bent in your sanctified pose
Sun beats down upon your face
And blinds you to the life that you’ve known

By shedding blood outside of grace, am I just wasting time
The chosen one’s are few and hard to find
Disciples sharing the same face-afraid of growing old
Could it be the street aint paved with gold
Do you really know

What’s underneath the afterglow
Underneath the afterglow
Just before I shed my soul
Will I stay or will I go

(Verse II)
Born out of a sin not quite my own
Yet still I must be redeemed
Mourn the loss of innocence
When preacher man is no longer clean

So did you suffer for your gain, or was it all divine
Now tell it to the one’s you’ve gentrified
We only care about our pain, forget the sacrifice
You weren’t the only one left crucified
Do you really know

Card Trick

Written By: Reginald T. Saffold

Card Trick

Call a spade a spade while it’s showing
Or bluff your way to deceit
Kings and Queens are high on the ladder
Shuffle around in your sleep

Aint gonna show their hand
Not what the plan is
Constantly dealing in
We think we’re winning
Most of us choose a side
And join the rollin
Not really knowing where were going

House fall down
Not much to make your house of cards fall down

Keep your eyes on the one in the middle
It’s the ace you believe
While they poison your mind through conviction
Can’t see what’s under their sleeves

A favorite common man
No heavy thinker
Edit down his brand
Mentally weaker
Fighting the same ol’ lies
Round’s never over
Can’t decide which card was mine

House fall down
Not much to make your house of cards fall down